I have always been a huge fan of illustrated artwork, especially paired with websites and background images. Illustration work is a beautiful skill which many artists can take for granted. But I also find illustrations to be very inspiring and helpful when brainstorming new project ideas.

Feel free to peruse my gallery below of 37 wonderful digital landscapes. These illustrations can paint a mood within seconds. That is how you can judge truly skilled artists from the others. And I feel this collection is a hodgepodge of the best designers & illustrators you can find on Dribbble.

Part of Background

part of background illustration landscape


tropical Hawaii retreat illustration

The Rivers

jungle river raft boat ride illustration

A Long Night

purple moon night full design illustration

Snowy Chimney

log cabin winter snow chimney smoke

Land’s End

summer girls frolic nature illustration

Nature and Junk

water river mountains illustration

Luna Park

theme park carnival luna big tent illustration

Island Volcano

illustrated design volcano island life


starry night skies chimney roofs

White Castle

big white brick king castle illustration

Thailand Ocean

Thailand ocean moonlight water

Mushroom House

magical mushroom house graphics digital

Asian City

sea port Tokyo asian city illustration landscape

Majestic Landscape

magical mountains sky design illustration

Game Background

shed house leaves snow video game background


windmills sunny hill landscape

The City

city car driving around the town


pollution factory landscape illustration


snowy mountain hiking illustration

Season of Love

leaves turning autumn fall illustration

Midnight in Paris

dark night sky paris france illustration

California Redwoods

met in college bridge trees california

Elephant on the Rocks

yellow elephant ocean friend illustration

San Francisco Sunset

San Francisco California sunset orange

Light My World

lantern trees picnic illustration


white monkeys in the tree illustration

Jazz Animals

jazz animal musicians trumpet jazzy


peaceful sunset romantic couple picnic

Silent Sunlight

sunlight on the tree branch

Golden Meadow

animals giraffes grazing by the tree


lighthouse cliff lookout sea river

SnarphBlat Chronicles

sea sailing snarphblat ship illustration

Africa Sahara

Africa animals grazing by sunset

NYC Taxi

dark new york city evening taxi cab illustration

Happy Place

fantasy magical world land business corporation illustration

The Forest

dark forest trees bark shadows illustration

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Jake is a writer & digital designer/illustrator. He writes about all things web and creative. Check out his website for work samples and follow his latest updates on Twitter @jakerocheleau.

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