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The word Premium is a proper description for many of the multipurpose WordPress themes included in this listing. Every theme listed here has a great deal going for it. Even the relative newcomers, of which there are several, have already attracted a substantial following of satisfied clients. Every theme in this list has a reputation…

If you’ve been creating WordPress websites in 2014, then you must know by now that some premium themes are better than others. Of course, utility is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, so I’m not going to preach about the themes I’ve found, and how heavenly they are in every situation. But I did my share of comparing and analyzing.

What I came up with is over a dozen themes that I intend to use for my client projects in the near future. If you’re curious what they are, scroll downwards.


X Theme


There has been much evolution in the word press themes. There are now simple themes which can solve only one problem and there are complicated ones too which can be used to design a multitude of sites.

When we’re talking about top notch themes, if someone wants to change one theme with another, it can be a challenging task since now there are many possibilities out there and you don’t know all the features of each one.

But still, not all themes are same and we have to mention this. Some themes come with better features than others, like focusing on style and functionality and ensuring that websites which are customized with those themes offer great user experience to the visitors.

The theme that has been center of my attention is called Theme X, an amazing theme that is highly customizable and can be the source to a lot of unique designs.

I simply love WordPress as a blogging platform, and as a quickly-advancing content management system. The use of plugins within your WP installation can provide an inordinate amount of support to your website. It could be things like pricing tables, shortcodes, photo slideshows, even additional tools in the backend.

Within this showcase I have put together 28 exceptionally beneficial plugins you may want to check out. Each of these examples is a premium plugin released on CodeCanyon. But don’t let that dissuade you – most of these plugins range from $5-$15 and you get a lot of bang for your buck. Plus they can be fantastic learning tools for developing your own custom plugins.

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Web developers who are familiar with PHP/MySQL have often moved on to build websites using layered systems. This could include a framework like CakePHP, or a lofty CMS such as WordPress. PHP development isn’t easy but it can become second nature when you keep practicing.

featured image source trustme responsive wordpress theme preview design

Many food industry businesses choose to use WordPress for their website, mainly because the CMS makes it easy to update content daily, which is what almost every popular food place needs. Small cafes and coffee shops often rely on their daily specials to draw a crowd to their establishment. Some even include live music on the weekends to create an atmosphere filled with local music lore and fresh coffee.

The following collection of WordPress themes are all perfect for cafes, bistros, coffee shops, or any other small food specialty store. All of the following cafe themes are also either mobile optimized or responsive, a must for food establishments since often customers will look up a menu or hours from their phone on the go. They are also either top-rated themes or ones that had excellent reviews. If none of the following work for your style of coffee shop, though, you may also want to check out these 30 Responsive WordPress Themes, many of which can be easily customized for a more unique cafe website look and feel.

1. Bistro

Demo & Download

One of the most popular websites for finding WordPress themes is definitely ThemeForest. It’s easy to see why, too, with thousands of themes available for so many different industries and purposes. Just as with other WordPress theme sites, you do run the risk of purchasing a poorly designed theme, even with competition. Thankfully with reviews, comments, and feedback, you can usually tell if a theme is the right one for your project.

The only downside is that searching for a top-notch, easy to use theme can take time…lots of time. So in response to this problem is a list below of 30 of the best WordPress themes by ThemeForest. All are top-rated themes that came with excellent reviews. They are also themes that come with excellent support. All are themes that have been either created this year or recently updated. So take a look and see if any work for your upcoming projects. And if you still can’t find what you need, you may want to check out Best Responsive WordPress Themes or 30 Creative WordPress Themes.

1. 907 One Page Parallax

Minimalism has always been an extremely popular subject. The idea of mobile responsive website layouts has taken minimalism to a whole new level. Today we can find dozens of various examples featuring white, black, grey, tan, and other very simple color schemes. Websites have been going through a tremendous change for better user experience design.

In this collection I want to present some outstanding responsive WordPress premium themes. Each of these items is very affordable for the features, and you can find examples from a handful of websites. The cleanest responsive themes are often designed around portfolios or company websites. But thankfully you can update these themes to run on any type of project!


mindful theme wordpress premium responsive

Mindful is a brilliant mobile responsive WordPress theme put out by Themetrust. It is geared mostly towards freelancers or artists who need a portfolio website online. But it can also work as a design studio or agency website, since there is room for alternative options in the portfolio listing. It’s a great responsive theme which handles the resizing adequately.

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