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Understanding texture design opens up a world of possibility for graphics designers. Textures provide the illusion of realistic items for a poster or cover artwork. But you can also implement textures for mobile app interfaces or website designs.

Adobe Photoshop is the premiere graphics editing software and offers the best tools for the job. If you’re unfamiliar with any methods of creating texture then these tutorials are for you. I’ve cataloged a total of 27 articles covering items and backgrounds that you can build with Photoshop and some general creativity. Once you practice these underlying concepts it will become easier for you to redesign textures in the future.

Stylish Coffee Cup

stylish coffee cup smart objects photoshop

Today we have collected some creative examples of photo manipulation. If you like these web designs you might also want to check out our previous posts below. 40 Amazing Photo Manipulations 33 Breath Taking Photo Manipulations for Inspiration 35 Amazing Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorials Hell on heels

The use of repeating patterns in Photoshop can help designers produce attractive website backgrounds with very little effort, and you can use them for other purposes also.  In today’s post we’ve prepared a roundup of over 40 different Photoshop patterns. Enjoy!! Subtle Patterns 100 Photoshop Zigzag Patterns

In this post we have compiled 40 photoshop photo effect tutorials to help you enhance some great pictures. If you photograph regularly you know that many times you need more than just a great photo. You need an effect that will help you capture the essence of what you are trying to convey to the…

This article will give you ten tips on how you can improve on digital illustrations on Adobe Photoshop. These are intended for beginners and people with mid-level Photoshop experience. Photo Credit We hope this serves as a source of inspiration for those wanting to get better at their digital illustrations.

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