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Good editing skills are important when working with photo content. While most web designers do not have a professional photographer’s skillset, having a basic knowledge of photography and photo editing are usually sufficient to fully support the visual portion of web content. Contrast, Saturation, Temperature – These three characteristics play important roles in determining a…

With Halloween approaching fast the leaves begin to turn and that familiar cold nip returns in the air. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year contrasting the earlier seasons. I find that landscape photography captures the essence of a season from many angles. These crisp Autumn photos have been taken from sites all around…

I couldn’t possibly overstate the need for digital photography. Graphic designers love to use creative commons photos in digital work, but these same photos can also prove useful to an online journalist or editor. The need for digital photographs has risen tremendously in the past decade.

Thankfully modern Internet technologies have been advancing just as quickly. This gallery includes a handful of resources for locating photographs online. Some will provide creative commons licensing while others may be solely for inspiration. Whether you’re a photographer or another creative artist looking for great photographs, these websites are sure to help.

CC Search

cc creative commons photo search website

The modern era we live is fascinating and hectic at the same time. There are few moments in the day we can sit back and revel in human accomplishments. But looking over our modernization of bigger cities it should become obvious that we as a society have been advancing rapidly over these past few decades. The inner city areas are often congested yet provide a sweet poetry of ideas and emotions.

I want to share a photo gallery of 36 various shots from different cities around the world. These landscapes are focused on clusters of buildings and skyscrapers often found in downtown areas. You may be surprised to find how large many of these cities actually are! It’s really incredible to accept how much work and manpower is required to build each and every one of these buildings. I hope this showcase may provide a deeper insight towards the typical hustle-and-bustle attitude of big cities, and how we are advancing as a society.

Seoul, Korea

big buildings in korea city

There are lots of great stock photos to be found online. Food and restaurants are not always a popular choice, but they are well-renowned among people in that niche. The stock photography website 123RF has a great collection of cooking photographs. These also include shots inside various restaurants and kitchens.

I have put together a brief gallery showcasing their works. Many of these photos were taken by freelance photographers who choose to sell their work online. It is notable how easily these sets may be put together, and the very affordable price tag even for non-subscribing members.

Working on the Sauce

chef in hotel cooking kitchen sauce pouring

The idea of stock photography is nothing new and has been included on the web for decades. Premium accounts and online shops are just recently building up even more traction, but this also means new content is getting filled via free services like Flickr. Unfortunately the quality just cannot match up when you compare the other alternatives.

In this post I want to go over some more ideas for writing good web copy online. Obviously this will require a topic and some handy writing skills. But you also need to know how to space out words and use imagery for drawing users further into the site. Stock photos are some of the easiest choices because they fit nicely into the layout without cramming everything close together. Images will provide a seamless break in the content where your readers have the opportunity to pause for a moment and space themselves from the content.

Spring is a time when new life begins to bloom and we can see the greater good of nature. The Spring and Summertime are worth rejoicing in the warm weather and blissful scenery. It is obviously a wonderful time to capture photographs of the Earth in all her beauty.

Check out my collection of 50 brilliant Springtime photographs. Each picture is meant to capture the flourishing details of animals and plant life. Designers and creatives can get a lot of ideas by simply checking into nature. Feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas with us in the post discussion area below.

New Beginnings

white spring time flowers budding

Apophenia is the experience of seeing meaningful patterns in random or meaningless data. Patterns have always played a big part of evolution and success and, bringing the cattle to their Adobe home, at the very least they can make the difference between a single page hit and a returning visitor regardless of the content. They are a way to spice a web page up without even trying, the equivalent of short movies starring cats: they will draw attention. Naturally a designer would and should only work with the best source.

As we move past the holiday season many parts of the world are still floating in the dead of Winter. It can get very cold at night, especially in rural areas with long stretches of land. These quiet locations serve as a place for thinking and brainstorming new ideas. I simply adore this time of year and find the peacefulness to be quite refreshing.

I hope this showcase gallery may offer a similar feeling to other designers. I have put together 35 brilliant photos related to elongated quiet areas during winter. January and February should provide to be the most frigid months of the new year. But these are also the times when we may pause and reflect on our goals in life, and get a better understanding of how things are moving towards the future.

Michigan Bridge

quiet winter bridge in snowfall

Rainy days are often very tranquil and full of creative energy. I enjoy working during thunderstorms because the feeling of writing and designing is much more fluid. You can even notice these trends in society where some places geographically hold more rain than others.

I want to use this gallery to offer 44 outstanding photographs depicting cloudy, rainy weather. You can see this all over the world but some places build up an honest name for their weather patterns. Any photography lovers will enjoy this collection, along with other creative spirits. And definitely let us know your favorite photos in the comments discussion area!

Sun after the Rain

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