what it takes to be a successful designer featured image

What it Takes to Be a Successful Web Designer

Over and again, we go around success focusing on the wrong things. We make feeble steps towards success rather than...

/ October 5, 2017

How to Run a Webinar on Your WordPress Site

Webinars can be a highly effective way of bringing more traffic to your site, converting visitors into buyers, and engaging...

/ September 10, 2017
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WordPress and SSL Certificates: The Ultimate Guide

Over time, the internet has morphed into this cryptic maze of interconnections linking users, clients and service providers. Each of...

/ August 30, 2017

12+ Frequent Questions WordPress Beginners Ask

It is pretty much normal for beginners to worry over a new venture they are exploring, and later on absorb...

/ July 31, 2017

Top 10 Sites To Find Quality WordPress Coding Tutorials

Learning WordPress is easier now than ever before thanks to hundreds of free videos and articles online. You can Google...

/ July 23, 2017

5 Free Online Image Editors For Creating Beautiful Blog Post Headers

Feeling jealous of those gorgeously designed header images on other blogs? Want to find out how they create beautiful blog...

/ June 17, 2017

Introducing MeridianThemes

A new and exciting website has recently been launched for bloggers, designers, and pretty much anyone who wants to built...

/ June 17, 2017

The Importance of Beautiful Content in Web Design

Good editing skills are important when working with photo content. While most web designers do not have a professional photographer’s...

/ February 22, 2017

Considerations For Typography in Web Design

Often in media it is said that how your write is just as important as what your write. This very...

/ March 16, 2016

How Should You Negotiate Better Prices For Your Projects?

It is a simple truth that most, if not all, humans crave money. In spite of their passions, their dedication...

/ March 11, 2016

Time Management Tips For Designers

All of us know the importance of time and the role it plays in our lives. Especially for designers and...

/ March 10, 2016

Writing The Perfect “About” Page For Designers

An ‘About’ page is one of the most important components of your blog or website. Whether you are running a...

/ March 3, 2016