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A’ Design Award is the World’s most prestigious international design competition. The A’ Design Competitions are organized in numerous creative fields to feature the greatest design works from all countries in all disciplines. Entries to the A’ Design Awards are blind peer reviewed by an expert jury panel of leading academics, prominent press members and…

I’ve been ecstatic to see substantial growth in modern web typography. More website layouts have been incorporating oddball typography that really stands out from the generic masses. Not every project can benefit from over-exaggerated text but when done properly it adds a deeper level of emphases to your page copy.

I’ve put together a large handful of websites that use big creative typography including letter-spacing, new typefaces, and CSS3 properties to craft enticing layouts. Agencies and startups tend to push the envelope when it comes to new design trends. But this gallery includes many different styles of web design to offer unique inspiration for your next project.


polargold dark website colorful typography

When visitors find your website online they are expecting a certain experience or depth of information. Landing pages are the single webpages that visitors are directed onto, either from search results or a link elsewhere online. Different pages will have different purposes in regards to drawing in users and feedback from the audience.

But generally speaking there are some common traits within all good landing pages. In this article I want to discuss just a few ideas on spicing up your pages to keep visitors interested. Also it is important to focus on the purpose of the page and getting users to convert doing whatever action you deem necessary.

Branding with Big Page Elements

You only have a split second to entice visitors into staying on your page and reading further. Branding is one solution where you can blend a logo, icon, or vector into the page above-the-fold. This way your visitors already catch an idea of the product and may decide for themselves if it looks interesting.

sipp wine app iphone landing page website

All over the world you can find lovers of baked goods. Coffee shops are also fairly popular in the western world, many branches even offering free wi-fi. Food is always a popular topic because everybody has to eat. And when you present food in a delicious manner then you can almost expect business to come rushing through the door.

Branding is also crucial to this step in building a name for your business. For this gallery I have organized a set of unique branding & identity designs for bakeries and cafés. Logos accompanied with icons or symbols are a recognizable way to build your audience. It takes patience and a good mindset going into the process to generate quality results. Check out some of these examples and feel free to share your own thoughts in the post discussion area.


coffee delix espresso cup logo branding

The countries of East Asia have a very old and rich culture dating back long before America. And many of these countries are so unique in the culture such as Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and of course China. I have always had an interest in this culture because of the complex language barrier with other western Roman-based language countries.

After searching online I put together this awesome showcase of Asian calligraphy art photos. The designs are written using a brush stroke on typical parchment paper or scrolls. But there are also examples of calligraphy in wood and other common household items. The East Asian languages use beautiful strokes in their characters which diverge eloquently between each other. Check out this really unique gallery and let us know your thoughts in the post discussion area.

Asian Lettering

east asian calligraphy graphics design

Since our last iStock coupon post was such a hit, iStock decided to provide us with two more coupon codes for our readers! If you’re looking to buy a small pack of credits, they are running a 1-day sale today only to save 15% off any pack. If you’re looking to purchase 60 credits or more you can save 25%…

Designing a compatible user interface is no easy task. It requires a lot of study and understanding exactly what users are looking to do with your application. And the spectrum is huge when you include websites, blogs, and other digital products.

Featured image gift wrap boxes

But many of the best digital brands have given us references to solid user interface techniques. In this article I’d like to examine a couple of my favorite interface techniques and see how we can use these ideas when creating modern designs. Inspiration comes in many forms and designing a compatible UI/UX is often followed by a history of past failures. But remember that it only takes one successful interface to complete your product and offer something truly valuable.

A wedding invitation indirectly gives a clue about how the wedding function gonna be. Recent wedding invitations are at their best with unique forms and styles trying to stand out from crowd. Invitations are generally chosen to match personal preferences of a couple, the level of formality of the event, and any color scheme or…

Today we have collected some beautifully designed fashion related websites for your inspiration. If you like these web designs you might also want to check out our previous post below. 32 Clean And Minimal Web Designs Showcase of Black and White Web Design tatchies

Panoramic photos are a beautiful way to capture your surrounding areas. Photographers from all around the world have utilized panoramic photography to showcase beautiful works of nature. City landscapes, countryside roads, and ocean views are just a few of the many subjects. Check out our gallery below and let us know your thoughts. Upper West…

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