In Hamburg Germany we can find Miniature Wonderland which is one of the largest model railway in the world. The railway itself consist of 11,000 meters of track, covers section of South Germany, Austrian Alpine, Hamburg, America, Scandinavia and Switzerland. The venue covers 4,000 square meters of floorspace. The longest train length is 14.5 meters.

World's Largest Miniature Train Set

Many visitors impressed by details of Miniatur Wunderland. It took more than 500,000 working hours to build. This project was started in December 2000 by two brothers Frederick and Gerrit Braun. The team requires 2.5 years to build.

Quick Facts:

  • 800+ trains
  • 10,000+ train cars (travel hundreds of km per day)
  • 170+ computer controlled cars
  • 200,000+ people miniature (including crime scene)
  • 40 computers for operation
  • 200+ surveillance camera
  • Realistic day & night lighting simulation
  • 300,000+ computer controlled LEDs

Watch the video. If you are not impressed, honestly I don’t know what will? Let me know your thoughts in comment form below.

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