It’s a digital century through and through. Never before has mankind spent so much time interacting with each other indirectly, or digging up things that only exist in virtual form, and sometimes sharing them further. To be honest, the act of sharing some link or another on a social network has become another basic form of human interaction, acknowledged and accepted by all. Whenever people come across a website whose content speaks to them on a personal level, they might feel the impending need to share that insight and possibly pass on relevant information within their communities.

The majority of websites display a set of social sharing buttons, meant to facilitate their public’s user experience in terms of social sharing. Yet, there’s more to those buttons than meets the eye. Website creators are fully aware that spreading word about a site makes it more popular, and therefore generates plenty of traffic.


The traffic thus generated can actually compete with the one brought about via search engines. Therefore, the better one configures social sharing on the whole, the more people will engage in following and sharing a given website on social networks. Then, using an elite plugin for this purpose is paramount.


The quintessence of a proper social sharing plugin

Since we marked the reasons behind using social sharing plugins when building WordPress websites, another question arises. Namely, how to discern the best plugins of the lot? In my experience, what makes a social sharing plugin perfect is spotless and responsive design, along with handy options meant for configuring network buttons, and monitoring their usage.


The new wave of social sharing plugins: Monarch


Monarch is the latest product from Elegant Themes, and I believe it embodies each and every trait that an ideal plugin for social sharing ought to have. In the following lines I am going to do my best in order to describe this solution and the things it is capable of doing for any type of WordPress website.

The journey begins on your classic WordPress Admin Panel, where you can immediately recognize Monarch. Enter the dashboard, and you’ll be greeted by a straightforward user interface that paves the way for you to set up every single aspect of a website’s social sharing experience.

Let’s start from the beginning. First, you need to decide which social networks ought to be suggested on your website, and keep it simple. Despite the fact that Monarch so far amounts to the potential of 40 available networks, you should stop at a handful. The purpose of your follow and share buttons is to connect a website to highly popular networks that have the best potential to generate more incoming traffic.


Monarch somehow manages to ace the challenge imposed by predefined network colors and icons, so they don’t hinder the freedom to design social sharing buttons to your heart’s desire. Looking further, the plugin also proposes two different ways to take the pulse of ongoing user involvement. The follow and share stats associated with a website can be input regularly by the user, or she/he can connect the website to the API of their network.


A feature-rich plugin

It is known that pop-ups and fly-ins are widely employed techniques that are successful in capturing the undivided attention of website visitors. You can only benefit from choosing to display your social sharing buttons in one of these two manners. Automatic pop-ups and fly-ins are easy to customize with a title, message,and triggering options. The fly-in effect can be set from the bottom-right or bottom-left corner of the screen, and don’t forget that you can always opt for a certain delay: readers don’t necessarily have to be presented with social sharing buttons upfront. Give them time to take in the content of your website, and only then make the suggestion to share/follow it.


Note that, all in all, you can decide between 8 locations to insert social sharing buttons on your web pages. However, you can always allow Monarch to add them automatically where the website content begins, or where it comes to an end. Besides, if you’d like something else, then be my guest and go for the social floating sidebar, which leaves your social sharing buttons permanently accessible without actually imposing them on your audience at any given point.



Social sharing at its best


The most irksome problem a website can possibly have is to be ill-fitted for display on modern devices, in one way or another. Monarch does not have that issue, and it caches all your social sharing counts along with letting you decide the frequency of stats update. In other words, this plugin comes with the guarantee to load fast and act responsive on all browsers and devices.

Therefore, your public won’t ever have any issues when it comes to sharing news of your website on their social networks of choice. Finally, I couldn’t possibly finish my description of Monarch without referring to its image detection feature. This leading plugin is capable of recognizing the images posted on your website, and generates shortcodes so that your readers can share them really fast.


Long story short, I recommend watching the presentation video of Monarch:



Today’s social sharing plugins are very wholesome, and constitute a requirement when building WordPress websites. As I already mentioned, if you care to augment the traffic on your website, then you need to create a proper social sharing experience. That would encourage your readers to bring in other readers. So, if you’re a freelancer, or own a small to medium-sized business, then you will benefit from recognizing the incredible value of a premium creative resource. Elegant Themes devised Monarch to boost your social sharing counts, and that’s exactly what it does.


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