Many may not realize the importance of fonts on the packaging when it comes to deciding whether to buy a product or not. It is taught in advertising 101 but not everybody takes that course and just chooses to ignore this aspect. Graphic designers and bloggers have come to rely heavily on their choice of fonts in order to draw a crowd to what they have to offer because while an image draws attention, you use a certain font to explain why people should stick around instead of moving on once the eye candy is no longer in play.


Fonts can be a tricky beast to master or find, if you have one stuck in your mind and know it’s the one you want but can’t quite put your finger on it. That’s where comes into play with their enormous database to search through. You can run the search yourself the traditional manner, typing in keywords in the search box and then checking out the results or, for a more expedient and accurate process, you can go the other way: all you need is a picture of something the font was used on or, even less, a URL to one and you’re set.


There are three steps that you need to take and we’ll be focusing on how fast and easy – not to mention few – they really are. What I just described above is the first one: pointing the software behind the font recognition feature to where it needs to look for it, be it picture or URL. The only thing other than this that you need to do on this step is to let it know, via tick box, if the background is lighter or darker than the font it’s looking for.


The second step, which you’re redirected to after you hit the ‘Continue’ button on the previous page, has you confirm each individual letter that it was able to make from what was submitted as can be seen in the above screenshot. Once that’s done you’re given the option whether the results page should include all fonts that match or just the ones that are free/you need to purchase. That’s economy value on top of everything else!


Last, but by no means the least important is step 3, where you can actually see what the results are and are then redirected, upon selecting one from the list, to where you can get it. As you can see, while the top result is not an exact match in terms of angles at which the letters are positioned, after scrolling down just a little bit, there are three that nobody can deny are identical to what was provided. That’s it, job done, font found, it’s now ready to be used.



Going back to the first paragraph when I mentioned advertising 101: who wouldn’t buy a toy for their kid when the font used on the box is the one I chose for my example?

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