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I simply love WordPress as a blogging platform, and as a quickly-advancing content management system. The use of plugins within your WP installation can provide an inordinate amount of support to your website. It could be things like pricing tables, shortcodes, photo slideshows, even additional tools in the backend.

Within this showcase I have put together 28 exceptionally beneficial plugins you may want to check out. Each of these examples is a premium plugin released on CodeCanyon. But don’t let that dissuade you – most of these plugins range from $5-$15 and you get a lot of bang for your buck. Plus they can be fantastic learning tools for developing your own custom plugins.

Web Developers who work smart are often building on top of pre-existing frameworks. Open source CSS libraries are not hard to find – including many of the newer CSS3 effects. When structuring an HTML page you’ll rely on CSS as the language of color, position, structure, and other components of the final layout.

This gallery includes 28 free open source frameworks you can try out when designing new projects. You’ll find a number of CSS grid systems along with extra goodies like CSS UI kits or transition libraries. It’s never been easier to learn how to build websites from scratch. Open source code is changing the way we structure projects and how much development time is required.

Responsive Grid System

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No matter what field you work as a freelancer there is always something new to learn. Web design has especially grown into a tremendous community with ever-advancing trends. How can you find time for reading up on these trends and keeping yourself in the loop? Balancing your own freelance schedule along with personal study is never easy.

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In this article I hope to share a few ideas and tips for advancing your own education. Whether you want to learn more about marketing, copywriting, UI design, or anything else, the Internet probably has a few websites to get started. But don’t overlook the power of print media such as books or even magazines. If you find yourself enamored by a certain topic it is worth pushing yourself into unknown territory to see what’s out there.

Draftboard is a collaboration tool for designers. As a designer, it helps you to easily manage your projects that you are working on. You can discuss, share and manage revisions with the team effectively. Team members can add comments, ask questions, explain or simply post notes directly to the posted draft design.

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