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A common thread amongst all humans is that we seem to adore pizza, and that we all like the feeling of progress. It feels good to know you’re getting somewhere and it feels even better to see the visual representation of that progress. And so the cherished progress bar interface was born.

From signup pages to eCommerce checkouts these progress indicators share details of our completion with each step. Yet designing your own interface from scratch can be more than a hassle. Much like buying a pre-made frozen pizza, you could also get a delicious pre-made progress bar design. The difference is that all these designs are completely free to download and use for any project. Talk about a real bargain!

Green Stripes

pretty green striped progress bar freebie

If you’re new to Photoshop there is a lot you can learn by dissecting other PSD files. Professional designers work tirelessly creating beautiful graphics and sometimes release that work for free into the community. I especially love PSD freebies for websites because web design is such a broad topic that encompasses many interface features.

Those who might study PSDs or even use some for layout mockups will certainly adore this collection. I’ve organized 22 dark interface forms and UI kits released as free PSD files. You can download a copy of every example and edit them to your heart’s content. Plus if you know a little about color theory it’s easy to restyle these dark forms into your own creative vision.

Circle Login Form

circle avatar login form psd

eCommerce is a booming industry which is only growing larger by the year. Beyond physical products it has become easier than ever to sell digital items like e-books, music, videos, and even website graphics online. But any good eCommerce website also includes a set of its own graphics for a simpler user experience.

One of the most common sets of graphics would be payment icons. Credit cards are usually a big part of the online payment cycle, along with digital accounts such as PayPal. This gallery features 27 free icon sets including hundreds of various payment methods. When designing or redesigning an online webshop consider using some of these icons to spruce up the interface.

Dark Flat Cards

flat dark glyph icons credit cards

The Internet is full of free downloadable goodies for creative artists. Anyone teaching themselves how to design should be able to find plenty of resources online. Especially in the field of web design where you might be looking for icons, logos, background patterns, or anything similar – even including full website PSD layouts/mockups.

This design gallery includes 25 free downloadable PSD mockups. You can grab any of these samples to work with for your own projects. Or if you need a PSD to practice your own design ideas, one of these options should be perfect. Many developers also practice converting free PSDs into HTML/CSS website layouts. Take a look over the list below and see if any PSD mockups catch your attention.

Focus Landing Page

focus mobile app landing page psd freebie

The beauty of open source is built within the community, along with all the many derivative works to follow. Designers and developers can benefit from working with each other’s graphics and source codes to learn and produce higher-quality results. It offers a practical method to build websites and other projects that would need a solid user interface. Icons are typically one big piece to this overall design process.

Below you will find 34 free icon sets released during 2013. This includes some vectors, glyphs, larger glossy icons and even tiny sprites. There is something in here for every project and they’re all free to download. If I’ve missed any other new icon sets please share with us in the comments area below.

Free Colorful Iconset

free colorful icon set bright glossy graphics

When you are designing the interface of a website, software or other products, you will need some basic elements of the User Interface (UI). If you want to create a prototype for your projects, you can use wireframing kit and UI design kits to give great ideas and do not lose yourself in the details….

When it comes to designing a website Photoshop is an excellent tool for it, No design Software gives you quite so much control as Adobe Photoshop in designing a website. Most Designers share their Creative design stuffs to others for free. so that others can learn from their works, At sometimes these collection will become…

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