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Guide to Choose Digital Camera: Nikon vs Canon vs Sony

Debating on the ‘best’ camera maker is something that will never really end. Some swear by Nikon while others may swear by Canon, while others believe in another company! So why not take a more mature and appropriate stance on such discussions? Imagine giving an excellent set of paints, brushes and a pallette to somebody…

Digital Camera Review: Sony NEX-5

SONY’s NEX-5 is the smallest ever micro system camera. SONY’s done well to have managed to put in a APS-C size CMOS into this midget body. Let us take a look at what makes this camera a good buy, if at all.

Digital Camera Review: Panasonic Lumix DMC GH1

The Lumix DMCGH1 is the latest in the line of micro four thirds models from Panasonic. With its impressive video capabilities this could well be the best model from the micro basket out there. The camera’s all new lens system gives near-silent auto focus capabilities, meaning you can safely use AF even in the video…

Digital Camera Review: Ricoh GXR 50mm

The GXR is an all-new camera concept by Ricoh. It is an interchangeable lens kit plus sensor unit. This could start a whole new trend as a succession to the Micro Four Thirds system. Let us take a look at some of the features of this fascinating new camera concept.

Digital Camera Review Sony NEX-3

Previously we have a post about DSLR vs Hybrid, The NEX-3 is a hybrid micro system camera, with the look of a compact, with the versatility of interchangeable lenses and DSLR-like quality images. This model is a slight compromise on SONY’s more advanced NEX-5, which was launched almost simultaneously. The NEX-3 differs ever so slightly…

4 Tips How To Photograph Snow

So what’s the big deal photographing snow? Well, if you are asking that question you probably haven’t tried it yet! Snowy days present limitless photo opportunities with their individual reflective abilities, slow shutter speed effects and such. Read on to learn a little more on how you can photograph snow. Photo Credit

DSLR or Hybrid? A Guide To Choose The Right One For You

If you have been confused trying to decide between a DSLR and a hybrid, you are reading the right article. It looks like hybrids are here to stay, given their recent rise on popularity and more manufacturers catering to this niche segment of cameras. We’ve put down a few points you may want to consider,…

10 Photography Tips to Shoot Fireworks

Festivals and celebrations with fireworks present great opportunities for you to photograph something different. If you would like to try photographing fireworks, this article should point you in the right direction. Photo Credit

Digital Camera Review: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10 is popular as it is the world’s lightest system camera. It has eye-level viewfinder with only 336 grams without lens fitted. This model is a Four Thirds camera with 12.1 megapixel CMOS image censor.

Camera Review: Ricoh GXR P10

The Ricoh company’s GXR removable lens series now has a latest addition to the stable – the P10, with a 28-300 lens. It is a 10 mega pixel camera with a 10.7 X zoom capability. This 10-10 combination requires a GXR unit to function, and can be interchanged with an A12 or S10 unit as…

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