Slack is the favored chat client of most techies this day in age. It works like a combination of Instant Messaging plus the old IRC methods for archiving communication.

If you’re a big Slack user then you should know about Slack communities. This is where the SlackIn website comes into play.

SlackIn collects the most interesting and densely-populated communities into one location. You’ll be able to chat about anything and they’re super easy to find.

If you want to post a new community or share your own you’ll first have to sign up. It’s completely free for life and grants you extra access to Slack community resources you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Those who don’t like the idea of joining SlackIn can always search the website anonymously as well.

Each user can vote on Slack communities and the highest-voted links naturally rise to the front page. It’s like a user-curated collection of the best Slack communities on the web.

Slack Communities

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

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