Everyone loves his brand new camera. However, most beginners have no idea what some features actually mean. Let’s take your SLR camera for instance. On the display you’ll come across some letters.

Simple ISO Guide for Beginner Photographers

ISO is a feature that stands for image sensitivity to light and speed film. It comes from International Standards Organization and it has the power to slow cameras down, or make them work faster.

ISO adjustment

Although your SLR camera is digital, its functions operate just like a mechanical one. You won’t find any kind of film within your gadget, but its utilities are inspired from old fashioned cameras. You can adjust your ISO as you may like. Thus, you might want a more powerful lighting or a weaker one. Some numbers regarding the setting of the function are 100, 200, 400 and the last number is 800. There are more sophisticated cameras that can get up to 1600 in numbering system. Although, everything depends on your equipment; what you should know is that professional photographers prefer the usage of 100, because the photo is clearer and it will have a better quality.

Image sensitivity

I’m sure that nobody like blurry shots, and for this matter choosing a 100ISO is the best choice you can make. Adjusting the ISO can be made by pressing the ISO button located on the back side of your SLR camera. After that, just use the up and down arrows to modify the image sensitivity and the film speed. Sometimes, you’ll want to take low light photos as well. To do that, you’ll need the highest ISO number. It’s not that complicated to use once you get use to the numbering system.

Adjust camera noise with ISO

Play with the features of your camera and don’t be afraid to use. Decide to experiment and thus you get accustomed more easily.  What you stay away from is noise photos made by the use of ISO. At first you won’t realize the noise, but once you zoom in on the photograph you’ll realize that it’s not that clear, and that the pixels are not providing such a good quality. Don’t worry about that. Adjusting the ISO numbering system is really simple and you will be able to get better shots in an instance.

High resolution with ISO numbering

These days, people would do anything to have the latest technology gadgets, especially when it comes to cameras. High resolution, various ISO numberings and various others features are what make a photographer the best. Playing with the camera and making use of all its utilities is a must.

Think about it and don’t wait too long. Learn how to use properly a digital camera and become a professional. Amateurs usually don’t care about a camera’s features. If you know what you’re doing then you’ll certainly understand the use of ISO and its purpose, it will greatly affect the quality of your photos.

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