Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is quite a concern for people starting their own sites. Sometimes people even tend to believe that the success of their site depends ONLY on page ranking by Google. Link building is something that should quite frankly be given priority over SEO. It is quite common to see site owners simply refusing to make links that do not help with their page rankings. If another site does not allow them to put up text, they simply walk away as well. And then, links that have that dreaded nofollow tag are more often than not blacklisted for good!
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Get the Right Business Attitude

Some believe that the only objective to making links is to get a good Google ranking. Some believe that Facebook conversations are pointless and so is visiting a site that has the nofollow tag. This implies that people with such an attitude shy away from social netwoking sites, and this is an example of a site which provides an excellent platform to meet other site owners looking to spread their own networks. This leads one to believe that some ‘experts’ are simply not equipped to run their own sites! He or she may have a technical background alright, but if they do not see the bigger picture, their sites are not likely to have a major impact. If you are a site owner, keep in mind that YOU are the entrepreneur and not the next SEO consultant you meet – YOU need to make the right decisions for your site, period.

Be a Responsible Member of Online Business Communities

You need to be an active part of the online business community, to help improve the chances of success of your own site. Do NOT spam other sites, you don’t know who you may need some day! Quality link-building is what leads to a good Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) ranking at the end of the day. Professional networking is what it is all about, as well as a courteous attitude to other site owners, IF you desire a good search engine rank in the long run. Some people limit them selves to say four or five links to be made in one day. They could be giving in two articles and posting only two related comments on forums. Personally, I do not see the point of limiting ones own links in such a manner! People usually take on this attitude when they get a little paranoid about Google Sandbox. They get so carried away with it that they fail to create links. And we know that links are what drive traffic to your site at the end of the day!

Similarly, there are also people who place an upper limit on the number of outgoing links from their sites. These people fear losing out on their own page ranking by providing links to other sites. The truth is – your duty as a site owner is to provide as much useful information to your visitors, and if you limit that by limiting the outgoing links, the visitor may simply never return to your site!

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