This powerful and free code library is perfect for all HTML forms with the range slider. You’ll be able to add custom styles and designs onto every slider on the page, along with the ability to write your own custom code from scratch.

It’s called Range.css and it’s a completely free cross-browser stylesheet for custom range sliders.

Take a peek at the Range.css GitHub repo to find more information. It was originally created by Daniel Stern and while it doesn’t get many live updates, the code still functions perfectly in all major range-supporting browsers.

Not only can you style the range input and scrubber, but you can also change the design as the range value increases or decreaes.

This allows designers to create animated effects, color changes, drop shadows, or even high/low contrast effects based on the scrubber bar value.

Range inputs are still fairly new and certainly not ubiquitous across many websites.

But as times goes on I think this will prove to be a very handy input for web developers. Range.css is just one of many ways to customize this input for your benefit.

Range css slider

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

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