There are lots of great stock photos to be found online. Food and restaurants are not always a popular choice, but they are well-renowned among people in that niche. The stock photography website 123RF has a great collection of cooking photographs. These also include shots inside various restaurants and kitchens.

I have put together a brief gallery showcasing their works. Many of these photos were taken by freelance photographers who choose to sell their work online. It is notable how easily these sets may be put together, and the very affordable price tag even for non-subscribing members.

Working on the Sauce

chef in hotel cooking kitchen sauce pouring

Kitchen Utensils

rack of utensils hanging in commercial kitchen

Garnishing a Salad

food chef garnishing a salad entree

Gourmet Restaurant Tables

gourmet cooking restaurant food services tables afternoon

Restaurant Interior

natural lighting big windows restaurant interior design

Baking Tarts

chef baker turning out tarts pastries

Modern Stainless Steel

modern stainless steel kitchen utensils accessories

Chefs Preparing Meals

cooking food chefs preparing meals kitchen

Frying a Skillet

handsome chef cooking skillet food

Photo of a Chef

chef commercial kitchen posting photo

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