How Should You Negotiate Better Prices For Your Projects?

It is a simple truth that most, if not all, humans crave money. In spite of their passions, their dedication...

/ March 11, 2016

Time Management Tips For Designers

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Writing The Perfect “About” Page For Designers

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Know Your Hosting: Different Types of Web Hosting Plans

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Tips For Designing Perfect Landing Pages

Landing Pages at its simplest are pages that someone can ‘land’ on. But this in itself is very vague. To...

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Design Ideas For eCommerce Websites

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Custom CSS Styles for your HTML Range Inputs

This powerful and free code library is perfect for all HTML forms with the range slider. You’ll be able to...

/ October 30, 2015

Free Conversion Tool for HTML to Haml Code

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CircleCI offers continuous deployment to ship code faster

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Source Code Beautifier: A Snippet Conversion Tool

The Source Code Beautifier website will convert your code snippets into raw HTML content. This allows you to embed code...

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CSS Dig is your Code Analyzation Tool for Chrome

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JS The Right Way is the guide for New JavaScript Developers

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