There are literally hundreds of thousands of new applications being published to app stores every month. We can notice that Android and iOS devices have risen dramatically in sales over the past few years. Plus with the Christmas season coming around again, we can expect even more sales and gifts of these smartphone devices.

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Freelancers are always busy working and trying to wrap up projects. This can be frustrating when you need to run out for appointments, errands, and general daily tasks. But thankfully mobile apps have come to a point where you can accomplish much of your desktop work right from your smartphone device. In this article I want to share a small collection of apps which are perfect for freelancers on-the-go.

Check out some of these ideas and see if you could use any of them in your daily workflow. Most of these apps are free to download and use forever. But I have also included links to premium apps which cost anywhere from $0.99 up to five dollars. You may be surprised at how productive you can be while shopping for groceries or waiting at the doctor’s office.

Focus Time

pomodoro iOS app focus tracker

This popular timer app is very handy in the freelancing realm. Using focus time you may setup focus zones, where you need a specific set number of minutes or seconds to work on a particular task. The timer comes equipped with a settings menu for applying time breaks in-between sessions.

Google Mail

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If you’re like many of the GMail users in the world then you simply adore Google’s services. I have loved everything about the e-mail interface since I joined a few years back. And even more exciting is the mobile Gmail iOS app which is free to download.

Anybody can access their email inbox from anywhere in the world on their smartphone. This is a major benefit for freelancers who need to quickly respond to clients, project managers, or other contact requests. Google also allows POP/IMAP servers which you may configure to host your own custom e-mail addresses.


ios freelancers todo list mobile on the go design

Yet another free app for Google lovers, GoTasks incorporates into your Google task list. You can prioritize to-dos for each day and setup schedules for completion. There are a few other related applications which also focus on the Google tasks app. But many of these alternatives cost money which leaves GoTasks with the upper hand.


ios iphone app mobile user interface tasks list

Now the other big Google app which has been a pleasure for me is the Google Drive storage system. This includes a custom interface for editing and creating new media documents like spreadsheets. And one solution to having your cloud documents available anywhere is through GoDocs.

Now this is a premium application which costs $4.99 to download. But within GoDocs you have access to all the files stored in your Google Drive account. You will also have the ability to edit documents right inline using the app. It is a fantastic option for writers and other freelancers ingrained into the Google Drive system.


Lodge ios iphone mobile app basecamp todo list

Tons of new media agencies are using Basecamp for their tasks management and team collaboration. Unfortunately the Basecamp developers have not released a direct mobile app or mobile website. However I have found Lodge to be a great solution when on your iPhone or iPad device. You’ll have access to all existing tasks lists and may edit new comments, to-dos, plus update your settings if needed.

Cloudrop for CloudApp

Cloudrop ios iphone app mobile ui design screenshot

Dropbox may be one of the largest players on the market for cloud storage, but I would rank CloudApp as my personal favorite. The interface is so easy to use, and the storage capabilities are fantastic. There are some things Dropbox can do better – although I feel CloudApp is a nicer suite for minimalist freelancers looking for a quick method of sharing files between computers.

Now what should you do when you’ve got photos or documents on your smartphone and need to get these over onto your desktop? Well the nicest app I have found is Cloudrop which connects right into your CloudApp. You may add & delete files directly from the interface, or search for existing files in your account.


PayPal iOS app mobile iphone freelancers trends

I am frequently working inside Paypal and transferring money through various channels. Other freelancers are also caught in this schedule of paying bills and working with digital invoices. I find the Paypal iOS app is a wonderful companion with the desktop website. Also the native application should be considered much more secure than the mobile webapp, having been published by Paypal themselves.


linkedin card scanner cardmunch ios iphone app

This is a very cool and unique mobile app connected to the LinkedIn social network. You can use CardMunch to scan business cards and quickly retrieve profiles for your business associates. This is a fun way to share products and ideas with new people, while also swapping contact details. Although not all freelancers are using LinkedIn I am confident this app will be handy for the people who are.

Final Thoughts

There are certainly other applications we haven’t listed here which you may consider trying out. I want this article to behave as a general guide for all freelancers who are just getting started with mobile applications. These ideas are geared to the majority of designers, developers, and writers who work online and need to handle multiple projects at once. Another important aspect to consider is tracking performance. There are many mobile analytics options out there to consider.

We may look to do a post on this at a later date.

Although this showcase doesn’t focus on deep niches, I still feel these applications are perfect for mostly any freelancer. This is especially true for many of the Google services which include GMail, Google Tasks, Google Calendar, and Google Drive/Documents. If you have questions or similar ideas feel free to share with us in the post discussion area.

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