Every web designer needs a good web hosting plan for his or her projects. There are different hosting forms for different web hosting needs. The common ones offered by hosts include shared, reseller, semi-dedicated, virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers. Others include cloud hosting and green hosting.

In this post, we shall introduce you to the most common web hosting plans out there. 

Know Your Hosting: Different Types of Web Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting

The most common type of hosting account is shared hosting. It has the term ‘shared’ to its name because the host will share a ‘home’ with a number of other websites. Keeping your account for your exclusive use, it will be present on the same server with other people’s account. Using too much resources on the same server by other’s site may affect the performance of your site.


Reseller Hosting

To resell hosting services to other people a reseller account is needed. Reseller account being a shared account as well can be differentiated from a shared one because by its use you can access the master control panel (WHM) where you can alter, modify or erase the individual hosting accounts.

If you want each of your sites to have a separate control panel, you can use reseller hosting.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Semi-dedicated hosting, also known as Enterprise Hosting, also exists in a shared environment but the number of accounts will be less as compared to the shared account, Which leads to a better access to more resources, better uptime and faster speed rate.

Semi-dedicated hosting is useful for busy sites that are large for a general shared plan but not large enough to get benefits of using a VPS or a dedicated server.

Virtual Private Servers

In order to access more control over your account, one should use a virtual private server(VPS).

With having a stronger access, you can also install applications that are needed to run your sites. Managed VPS means that the updates, server maintenance and security issues will be taken care of by the host for you. Unmanaged VPS would require you to do all the hectics tasks and is not much recommended for beginners.

VPS is useful for busy websites and also for game servers.

Dedicated Servers

Using a dedicated server will lead to a better performance and stability of your website. By purchasing a dedicated server you will have its entire access. similar to VPS, you can use the OS of your choice and you can install the softwares of your choice.

Dedicated servers are recommended for use by the highly populated sites and game servers.

Now that you are acquainted with the different types of web hosting, it is time to find the perfect web host for you. Why not check out some awesome web hosting reviews? Head over to this page. Or if you are looking WordPress hosting reviews, see this post by DesignBombs.

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