If you’re just getting started with JavaScript then it’s important to not only understand the methods and syntax, but also proper coding procedures. These relate to how to structure code and how you should be managing files.

JS The Right Way is an online guide specifically made for new JavaScript developers. It teaches all the core fundamentals you need to write excellent code from scratch.

You’ll find everything from testing tools and frameworks to higher-level game engines.

Truthfully JS The Right Way isn’t only for beginners; it’s for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of JavaScript development.

JS the right way

The whole website was also released for free on GitHub. You can pull a copy of the repo to keep locally or even submit changes of your own accord. It’s maintained by William Oliveira with infrequent updates as needed.

Be warned that the guide is long and detailed, so don’t expect to get through it all in a weekend.

Instead take your time and read through everything. Try to digest confusing areas and ask for help online as you need it. This guide can offer everything you need to become an advanced JS dev if you only take the time to study.

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