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Sometimes Before footers were used for the copyright notice and secondary navigation. Most footers are rather boring and uninspiring. Designers often use the bottom area to mention everything they haven’t found place for at the top of the site. E.g. disclaimers, W3C-buttons, copyright but etc, now In a lot of sites, footers are no longer a single line copyright text and/or a simple secondary navigation; They count as a factor every web designer needs to pay attention to when designing, just like to any other element.

Each footer is unique and has its own role of the site. I have collected 30 Beautiful Footer Designs around the web, each with different style and content. Some of the examples here use visual elements to make the design of the footer more interesting, and others are simply providing navigation or information in the footer

1. Bcandullo

2. Creamy CSS

3. Brand 07

4. Rich Moris

5. David Hellmann

6. Albertlo

7. VSplash

8. Tulsa Tough

9. Ten Thoushand Things

10. Nuevo Aurich

11. Seraph Design

12. Bio Wind

13. Biola

14. Blog Amuki

15. Blog me Tender

16. Heres Life Africa

17. Forty Seven Media

18. Edege Point Chruch

19. Bristol Archive Records

20. Hutch House

21. Komodo Media

22. Matt

23. Mr Diggles

24. Nortehren Classic

25. Seed huinter

26. Spilt da diz

27. The Brads

28. Bits & Pixels

29. US Trendy

30. Viget

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