Developers have flocked to Haml in droves for its ease-of-use and simple learning curve. Haml is meant to be a replacement for traditional templating languages such as PHP or eRuby.

But Haml can also be used as a more traditional markup language to save time building web projects. Once you learn the syntax it becomes incredibly simple, just like how it feels to master HTML code.

Folks who don’t know much about Haml may have a tough time learning. How should you go about converting older layouts into Haml code?

Thankfully there’s a great webapp named HTML2Haml converter created by Jack Russell Software. It’s a completely free open source webapp that simply takes in a block of HTML and converts the code into Haml markup.

It’s an incredibly flexible app that takes both raw HTML or the direct URL of any webpage. Developers may also enjoy checking out the GitHub repo to view the source or even compile the application locally on their own server.

HTML 2 Haml code

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

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