There are a number of backup tools online which may be useful for Mac users. But aside from cloud storage there are many options for OSX fans who are looking to keep their data safe. Parity should be of the highest concern when looking to keep your data storage safe & secure.

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In this brief article I would like to present a few points when backing up digital data on your Mac. Windows users often have a smorgasbord of options to choose from, including hard drives and network drives. But for the number of users in the minority there are still plenty of choices. And Apple has provided some of the best technology we can find, so data backups are just one piece to this puzzle.

Mini HDD Passports

Users who enjoy lightweight computing will probably be looking for smaller backups. The typical external hard drives are often using the larger desktop sizes. However since laptops have gained popularity these smaller drives are also useful in creating external backups.

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Consider this basic Western Digital 1TB Passport with USB 2.0 transfer interface. This is a typical Mac-supported HDD which offers a whopping 1,000GB of storage! Of course this is just an example model, but you can find loads of these Mac-specific hard drives online. And prices are very reasonable now where you could even get a 250GB for under $100.

But don’t just take my word for it. Using an online search engine such as Google Shopping you can search for mac-related hard drives and limit for the 2.5″ passport mini externals. These drives are so great because you aren’t sacrificing any storage space, but they are also portable enough to follow you around the office or anywhere you need to go.

Online Cloud Storage

I will admit that without the proper levels of customer service any online cloud hosting company is sure to fail. But it is worth noting how quickly users have adapted to backups in the cloud. Choosing the right provider is all about fitting your needs to a changing market. One of the most helpful services online Best Backups will offer a litany of additional links for reading.

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By using their storage comparison tool it is easy to determine which features are best for you. The options include total hard drive disk space required, along with the Operating System of choice. Even Linux and iPhone/Android users are supported with data backups.

The company has an excellent list of providers to choose from, and all at very low prices. You can view many of the top sellers on their providers list webpage. But if you are unsure I would recommend sending them an e-mail. The staff are very friendly and always willing to help new customers.

Time Capsule Backups

Mac users have an additional luxury option by purchasing one of the Apple Time Capsule models. These are wireless network-ready drives with storage space of 1TB-2TB in total. This is a very large drive and the price is fairly reasonable considering you can transfer data over wifi.

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The problem is that Macintosh users who are unfamiliar with this software are very unlikely to jump on board. Although the learning curve isn’t difficult, these newer products can still be off-putting. The OSX App called Time Machine allows you to automatically schedule backups which are transferred directly to your time capsule device. Talk about some serious convenience.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully a few of these services may provide value to interested Mac OS X users. Data backups are important when dealing with sensitive material such as documents, videos, photos, or basically all other types of media. Businesses and freelancers should be especially careful to handle client information under tight conditions. But along with the ideas above let us know your thoughts in the post discussion area.

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