The ability to manage time wisely is actually a skill that we have to learn in our journey as a designer. In this post, I would like to share 7 time management tips.

How to Manage Your Time for Success
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1. Personal Clock

Personal Clock refers to individual’s time which he/she able to do certain tasks better, quicker and more efficient. For example, you may be the kind of person who is most creative in the morning, and maybe you could rather do mundane tasks in the evening or afternoon.

2. Put it Down on Paper

Do you have lists of things to do for the day, week, month and maybe even for the year? It is a simple thing to plan out your work for the week, and keep ticking off tasks as you complete them.

3. Daily Duties

Why not allocate a special task for every day of the week? It helps focus on one task at a time and you minimize stress levels, and hopefully save some time as well.

4. Under-Promise and Over-deliver

This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book! You are far better off telling your clients you can only do so much in a week, rather than promising them the world! Finally when you are able to give just a little more than what they had bargained for, you will have happy clients!

5. Organize Your Work Space

This is a crucial one. The better organized you are at the workspace, the less likely are you going to waste your time looking for this and that. Organize and label all your shelves if you have many of them. Store your design element disks alphabetically, and you need to know where you can find anything on your hard drive as well. Organize all digital files into appropriately named folders and sub folders.

6. Break A Project Into Smaller Tasks

If you have a mountain of a project on your hands, why not break it up into smaller segments so you can work on one piece of it at a time? It is only a psychological effect, but at the end of the day it can help you save time and work without that overwhelming feeling.

7. Have you Tried the Pomodoro Technique?

This is also a time management technique that helps break down your project into simpler and smaller tasks. The basic idea is to set a timer and work for say 25 minutes, after which you reward yourself with a five minute break!

Finally, the truth is that some techniques work well for some people and some do NOT work well. We are all made differently, we have different frames of mind and different things make us all tick! One man’s area of ease could be another’s problem area. At the end of the day you will need to figure out what helps YOU manage your time better. However, we do believe this article would have given you an idea or two to help manage your time better. And always remember that a minute saved is a minute earned in the time that you have!

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