Making Christmas cards is a highly profitable project, and why not compliment this kind of project with the fact that you could also make money out of it? You could employ the use of an original oil painting if you wish! On the other hand, you could also use a forgotten image that no one has probably ever seen before! Let us look at a few steps on how you can make your own Christmas cards.

How to Make Money With Christmas Card
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Use Original Photography

You probably did not expect to find this photographic advice in a design article! Why not try and shoot your own images on Christmas decorations to use on your design? It could be something as simple as shooting a Christmas star on a pure white background and the forming multiple transformed versions of it to use across your design! If you love the idea of using original photography but do not have the necessary skills, you could also use the services of a professional photographer to get the desired results. The key point is, if you have a visual in mind, do whatever it takes to turn that visual into a reality!


So you have a card design ready and are willing to market it? Do get competitive quotes before you start marketing your design. You need to remember that the larger the possible order you can get, the less it would cost you to make each individual card. Features such as embossing your cards on the other hand, can make the cost per card go higher and higher! On the other hand, if the orders you are able to arrange are large enough, a printer could even throw in accessories such as envelopes, for no other reason that they already have them in stalk. Well, as long as it works for you!


You could have great Christmas card designs, or be the brains behind a whole new kind of electronic gadget! But, at the end of the day if you cannot market your self and your idea, it is of little commercial impact. Coming back to our idea of Christmas cards, there are many small and large scale outlets where you could market your self. If you live in a convenient location near a corner drug store, and if you work small scale; why not request that store owner to put up a few of your card designs on his stalls? On the other hand if you have the contacts in publications, you would need to plan ahead for your cards well ahead of Christmas. Larger corporations tend to take a while before they can select a design for promotion.

This article is intended to merely give you a few ideas on how you can go about designing and promoting your ow Christmas cards this festive season. It is by no means a comprehensive guide to making money out of the venture, but we do hope it starts you thinking along the lines of how you could do so.

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