Regardless of widely spread rumors, there are actually two types of money and time: the one you have and the one you don’t. For a designer this type of concern is a bit more particular. How can you spend the limited money you have on the imagery you need and waste as little time as possible looking for it?

Believe it or not, the answer is not very far away on the internet: freepik is a search engine specially built to find free stock photos, vectors, illustrations and .PSD files. One could say that this is what Google or Bing are for but they’d be wrong in the sense that using a regular search engine will produce heaps of results that would need sifting through rather than giving you the hits that can be actually used. Their database is currently 1.4 million strong and counting but this is only because there’s also a quality requirement for managing to get the files indexed and the best measure of this is the availability/downloads ratio they can really boast with: 53.28.

The website is free to use because the work is not being done by people, instead they’ve managed to convince some robots to do it for them so the owners can move on to something else, also offered for free to developers. CSSmatic is a tool designed with one thought in mind: leaving behind the times of yore when CSS coding was done by hand. Using it is easy, to the point and involves a level of detail that other similar tools available out there only wish they had. The best feature is the gradient generator, which allows you to develop a gradient from scratch or by choosing as a starting point one of the presets, of which there are many.

CSSmatic is like one of the products being advertised in one of the ‘90s late night commercials: it’s a 4 in 1 deal. Aside from the gradient generator you can also create borders through the border radius tool, noise textures or box shadows, all of which are important in a designer’s daily diet. This tool offers the comfort of streamlining the number of apps used on a daily basis because it’s a stop and shop deal with the exception that you don’t pay for anything.

Turning away from this great tool developed by Freepik, let’s see a couple of free resources that you can get by searching through the designer’s search engine.











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