Previously I have shared some tips how to make money with Christmas cards. In this post, it is about custom made Christmas cards for company. To make a Christmas card as a part of a company’s corporate program can be trickier than it sounds at first. You need to use the right artistic effects to convey the very meaning of the occasion without sounding corny! You need to make a card such that it conveys the professional branding elements of the company plus adds a personal touch! Just a few simple touches can go a long way to make you Christmas greeting cards a little bit more effective.

How to Design Company Christmas Cards
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So today I would like to share a few tips to keep in mind about what you could look up before you go about designing your own Christmas cards. Do  you have any experiences in designing your own Christmas cards? Feel free to share in the comment form below.

The aspect ratios of the design need to fit into the classic Christmas card category. More often than not, this falls under either the A6 or the A5 sizes. Needless to say, these aspect ratios do not necessarily need to follow a dedicated size, and can definitely be scaled up if required. If you are working on a large print, it is a great idea to take a few steps back to get a birds eye view of what you are working on! Your final print, after all, would display less detail especially if it is for online usage.

Do NOT place too much detail towards the edges of the design, as they can be lost along the borders. In fact, thinking conversely, it is better to allow your design to fade out towards the edges, giving a feeling of a complete wholeness to the Christmas card.

Now, we are assuming you are using good and high quality paint materials to make your card. You as the artist could go as far as to even use linseed oil to give a special touch to your Christmas cards.

Technicalities – Please do consider using limited quantities of creams. For instance, a blue or a brown hue would reflect a charming Christmas visual sure to please your clients. Why not even consider using a glazing technique to add a nice touch to a snow scene?

If you are trying to give the effect of a blizzard, posting a lot of white dots on the scene will not do the trick. Remember that real snowflakes come in different shapes and sizes and even different hues of white! You could use brushes of different sizes to give this effect, and also mix a dash of yellow into your white here and there for certain dots!

Use extremely complimentary and bold colors to give your card a lively feel, which is what most people relate to Christmas! Most folks relate to Christmas as a fun and frolic time, and going further; they relate to it visually keeping bright hues in mind. So give them those bright hues!

We hope this article has set you in the right direction to give you a few ideas to make your own Christmas cards. At the very least, we hope it has made you think of a new idea!

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