Yesterday I have posted 47 Book Cover Design Inspiration. Today, I would like to share some tips how to design an amazing book cover design. This post is intended to give you an idea of the sheer importance of the book cover design, more than give you technical tips on how you could get into the design aspects, which is a voluminous subject by itself!

It is a fact that the commercial success of a book largely depends on the design of its cover, and this holds true for a magazine as well maybe even more so. If you are an author looking to sell thousands of copies of a book, you really need to ensure that you hire the right designer to design your cover.

After all this is what the outside audience’s initial impression of your book will be, and we all know how important first impressions are!

So WHY does your book deserve a great cover? Here are a few reasons:

A. The cover of a book sends out a visual message to the audience, about how exciting your book really is.It generates a feeling of excitement and anticipation! At the end of the day it gives the author a great sense of pride about the work he or she has put in to making the book the best possible product that can come from the human mind! At the end of the day, the book cover needs to cry out the sense of “BUY”!

B. A book lying off a shelf has only a few seconds to attract the viewer, keeping in mind you may not be a very popular author already. Your book is competing against others on the shelf. Your only tool at this stage is the book cover design, period!

C. A buyer shops with his or her own eyes! The wallet comes later. We are all familiar with window shopping, aren’t we? That is the best possible example of how important the visual appeal really is – it provides a sense of satisfaction which has nothing to do with spending money! BUT at the end of the day, something you have seen while you window shop will remain at the back of your mind and maybe the same person would come back later, with little time on his hands – and pick up that book that he found visually appealing!

SO, when designing your book cover you could keep these things in mind:

1. We have figures out the importance of the visual appeal, so make it visually appealing!
2. The design needs to visually display the contents of your book, apart from being just attractive.
3. make the back cover interesting as well. Once someone has bought a book, they look at the back cover much more! Also, while buying a book, the reader often looks behind to get an idea of the gist of the story.
4. Think of the theme – if you have serious philosophical content inside, you do not want a comic book cover do you?

All the best with your future learning on book cover design, and do refer back to this article if you ever need inspiration to read technical articles on cover design.

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