1.  Tickera.com


Many of us have an inclination for organizing conferences and all sort of events, which in many cases are accessible to the public just by buying a ticket. Good news, these tickets can be easily sold on your website and delivered to your buyers digitally, by using the Tickera plugin. It helps you make your own hosted solution, be in total control of your profit and have no service fees, no additional costs and no commission!

The way it works is really simple and effective: it is compatible with WooCommerce, so that the whole process of selling is much more easier. Apart from this, this integration called Bridge for WooCommerce reveals many interesting features, such as the ability to design many ticket templates with the Tickera drag & drop builder, the possibility to sell tickets and other products at the same time, giving your clients everything you have or the control of the number of available check-ins per each ticket type.

The payment methods are varied, so that almost everyone can pay. There are over hundred payment options and gateways, which make a more facile cooperation between the shopper and the merchant. These payment gateways integrations are anything from BrainTree, PayGate to offline payments. In conclusion, what more do you need? And if you do need more, you can fully trust the support team in helping you with anything

  2.  Backblaze.com


Would you like a program that could backup all your data, regardless of the file size or the number of files, at low-cost and very easy? You won’t believe it, but Backblaze does this and many other cool options… No wonder why is it ranked as the #1 online backup service.

Firstly, you can backup all your files and even all your attached external drives, at fast speed, because Backblaze optimizes your Internet connection, backing up as quickly as bandwidth allows. This way, voila! You have saved all your important data in no time and with almost no money, as it costs only $5/month. On top of that, Backblaze can help you locate a missing or stolen computer. How is that possible? It recovers your data automatically, it maps your computer’s location (which is updated hourly), it reports the ISP your computer is using (helping the police determine the location of your laptop), it finds your IP address, sees your recently backup files (that could help identify the thief) and, finally, you get it back, thanks to the details provided by Backblaze to the police in order to facilitate the investigation.

  3.  Shrinktheweb.com


There are several solutions for website promoting but there are all based on one thing: social marketing. And this leads you to one essential factor: website screenshots. Even though there are a lot of competitors online, ShrinkTheWeb is the cheapest one that does its job accurately. Admitting that it doesn’t look like a professional platform, it actually is. You can try its speed without any account directly on their website. But with a paid one (that is less than ten bucks), you can get extraordinary features like: custom sizes for responsive website breaking-point testing, full length captures and the incredible URL to PDF convertor that might become priceless. The service comes with easy integration and plugin installing, for WordPress, Django and many others. You can use it even from a single line of code in server-side programming languages like PHP or Ruby on Rails. Speed, reliability and efficiency, these words best describe Shrink The Web. Having all these characteristics, what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

  4.  Ultimatumtheme.com


Ultimatum Theme is the best website builder both a designer and an unexperienced coding customer can use with the certainty they will achieve the most extraordinary piece of website they can. With features like one click plugins update, that enhances stability and capability, you can be sure that your site will work like a charm. From the point of view of a graphic designer, you have the access to both a large palette of elements in a drag-and-drop interface and a CSS live editor that renders your code exactly. Bootstrap based themes turn out to make simple, plain and beautiful inner pages to increase the number of website visitors. If you want more detail or we already convinced you, you should check them out!

  5.  Simbla.com


Simbla Website Builder helps you with that business website you had been thinking for so long! Not only does it give you responsive, fresh and modern templates that you can choose from, but it also lets you create new pages and populate them with various site elements and widgets simply by dragging those to the page, for example headers, sliders, maps, videos or flash files.

  6.  Themify.me


Some of the most original design templates can be found on Themify.me. With their drag-and-drop layout editor, every customer can turn their graphic concept and their content into a real website. Acquiring a paid account offers you access to even more templates to choose from, which represents a great flexibility for a designer. You should at least visit them, if not becoming a customer.

  7.  TeamDesk.net


TeamDesk helps you create your own, custom database in a fast and easy way, even if you are a non-technical user. The database can be shared with your business team and you can all use it, helping the relationship between you by providing access to real time information. You can create as many databases as you like, organizing them using various methods: by slicing large collection of tabs into workspaces, by adding new variables to use them later in the system and many others.

  8.  Hotjar.com


If you want to understand better your web and mobile site visitors, you can use Hotjar, a software which shows your users’ behavior by analyzing their click, scrolls and taps. From start-ups million-dollar companies, 99,671 Organizations in 184 countries improve their sites with Hotjar, including Autodesk, bwin, AVG, HubSpot, IKEA and SEPHORA.

  9.  Mobirise.com


Whether you are not a fan of web development or a designer who prefers working as visually as possible, with no coding involved, Mobirise can help you in building your mobile-friendly website, in no time and with no money! It is very easy to use – the user interface is intuitive: you just drop the blocks you like into your page, edit the content and publish.

  10.  uKit.com


If you are looking for an easy tool to build a presentation and mobile-friendly website using only a Drag-n-Drop interface, uKit is the way to go. It is the perfect way to tell about your business, by having an intuitive, well-structured interface. It lets you focus on the visual side of the website, where creativity is needed the most. Therefore, you can design it the way you wish by choosing from a range of customization options, all of them indicated by self-explanatory tabs and buttons. More about this great website builder on http://superbwebsitebuilders.com/, where Howard Steele informs us of everything we need to know.

  11.  Xfive.co


If you want help with the issues you face with your web development projects or if you want your design followed to pixel level detail with clean code, Xfive does it for you and not only! Helping clients like ebay or Microsoft, it is your next reliable partner for making your website awesome, through front-end development, email development, converting designs to HTML or many others that you can just ask them about.

  12.  Imcreator.com


Nowadays, with most of the platforms mentioned above, anyone can build a website for free. Therefore, the real challenge is in finding the best choice for your desires, but we assure you IM Creator won’t disappoint. With a completely new technology than the other website builders, it lets you create fully-responsive and google-friendly sites, that are used even by big companies.

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