There’s no denying the impact Git version control has on modern web development. However it’s also true that Git can be one of the most congested and confusing topics to learn on your own.

Thankfully there are great resources like Git Tower to teach you. The landing page offers vital lessons for how Git works and how to get it running smoothly.

Visitors can choose from either eBook courses or video tutorials, both of which are completely free. As you progress through the basics you’ll be given tips, hints, and guidelines to follow.

Git Tower lessons

The more advanced lessons do cost money, but they’re all relatively cheap compared to the price of learning Git.

Git-Tower also offers free cheatsheets for Git commands. It’ll take time to memorize everything so it helps to have this cheat sheet nearby for reference.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn Git then I highly recommend starting with Git Tower’s free lessons. You won’t be able to complete the whole course without paying, however you can still learn a LOT just from the free videos & eBook lessons.

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

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