Some days before we are using flash for buttons, gallery etc, later now JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, Mootools , Scriptallicious and Prototype replace the flash with a light weight code and we can get the same effect like flash, that gives web designers and developers a lot a space for creative thinking

But how to use them effectively in such a way it won’t distract the users attention and it should add value to the website,

Have a look at the 30 Sample Websites below, which use JavaScript Slider and Scrollers effectively, Hope you like the collection!!

1. Charlie Gentle

2. Orman Clark

3. Best Before

4. Creative People

5. Tomáš Pojeta

6. Square Factor

7. Leg Works Studio

8. Enterro da Gata

9. Intermission Design

10. Jackson & Kent

11. Volll

12. X3 Studios

13. We Bleed Design

14. Bullet PR

15. Diego Latorre

16. Dreamer Lines

17. Galan Design

18. Howarths

19. Kit Folio

20. Jp3 Design

21. Polor Gold

22. Search inside

23. Magouya

24. OH! Media

25. Leaondro Medeiros

26. Kostandinos

27. Design Slicing

28. Richie Qilayout

29. Digital Convulsion

30. Ardes For Girls

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