Flash Content Management System is a system that allows you to manage your Flash website without source files editing. It is the administrative interface for Flash that is convenient for adding and editing your website content without going into any coding. And you see the result of the editing right away, in real time.

Flash Content Management System: MotoCMS

In today’s diversity of Flash content management systems, there are some obvious leaders that offer quality products for building a professional Flash website quickly and at a reasonable price. We decided to start with Moto CMS (former FlashMoto CMS) that is popular among many developers. So, what does the Flash CMS offer to developers and end users? We’ll find out right now.

Moto CMS is the platform for Flash that allows users to create and then manage a Flash website much faster and more convenient. The System is mainly aimed at Flash developers, design studios and freelancers who create made-to-order Flash websites for end users. Moto CMS is available as a standalone versions (for developers) or with a Flash CMS template (for developers and just users with basic computer knowledge and no programming skills). So, you don’t need to worry about code or other developing stuff: Moto CMS will make most of work instead of you. The system is popular for the widest of functionality possible.

Features Here are the most attractive Moto CMS features:

  • No installation needed (just update the files and use it)
  • WYSIWYG Editor (visualizes what you are producing)
  • Video, MP3 player components, the richest media library (the ability to upload the unlimited number of own video, audio and image files)
  • Advanced gallery components, Image editor (with a rich editing toolset and the ability to edit images right within the control panel)
  • The ability to integrate own modules, widgets, slots, pop-ups and fonts
  • Control panel rebranding (convenient for developers, since a developer can replace Moto CMS logo with his own one and present the CMS based Flash website as his own product)
  • SEO optimized (XML Sitemap Generator, every page has its own URLs and Meta data. Page and pop-up properties: keywords, meta description, “nofollow” and “noindex” attribute values, support for alt and title image attribute values). Deep Linking.


The Moto CMS interface is almost intuitive. The users can add, edit or remove texts, pages, sub- pages and pop-ups through the control panel. The variety of modules, widgets and slots opens wide opportunities for users. Also, there is an ability to link the modules and slots between. For example, if you link Grid, Photo Gallery Preview and Photo Gallery Lightbox between, you will get a really functional Flash image gallery for presenting your photos online with plenty of opportunities. Every item in the control panel is clear for the user, so you may have a professional Flash website in only a few hours. Each element of the website can be managed within the control panel: images, buttons, menus, etc. Besides, many Moto CMS templates may contain additional components (depending on the template’s function – gallery, business, etc.).


MotoCMS support is available for the users 24/7. To contact MotoCMS support team the user needs to submit a ticket through the help section. But don’t be in a hurry to do it right after you collide with a problem or error: there are lots of tutorials for MotoCMS users available on Moto CMS guide, blog and forum that provide users with almost exhaustive info regarding the product set-up, the templates’ customization, working with the control panel as well as various tips and tricks related to Moto CMS.

Try Today

Moto CMS offers a free 30 day Trial to ALL Flash CMS templates. Click here to view the demo. You choose one of more than 60 Flash templates, register the Demo version and can do anything you want with the template during 30 days. You can customize the design, manage the text, image and media content, save changes, and make all necessary alterations within the control panel. If you would wish to change the template, you can do it using the same e-mail during 30 days. If you decide to get the template for permanent use, do it before your Trial expires.


As we have mentioned above, the company offers a 30 day Trial so that the users have a chance to evaluate the CMS opportunities before buying. The price for Moto CMS templates vary from about $230 to $270. As for standalone version, one license costs $199 (it enables you to use Moto CMS on a single website only). For Flash developers, there is an opportunity to get Moto CMS license for $99. In order to get this privilege, a developer would need to register as a Moto CMS website developer. Together with the discount, the registered Moto CMS website developer will also get access to the company’s private forums as well as get the opportunity to publish his personal profile in MotoCMS developers’ catalog.

Specials & Promos

Judging from the posts published on the company’s blog, MotoCMS often conducts specials and promos, grants discount promocodes and online coupons to their customers. Just right now MotoCMS grants a 20% discount promocode on MotoCMS (standalone version) to all our readers.

Here is the promo code: lgm1h8mbovjlgrfmgan1o33zr

The offer is valid on a permanent basis and anyone can use it in order to get Moto CMS with a good discount.


Moto CMS is a powerful Flash CMS that allows users to create an easily editable Flash website much faster and without having any special Flash software knowledge. The in-built components and features (some of them are unique and have no analogs on the market) make Moto CMS a really outstanding application for both Flash developers and end users. Moto CMS standalone version is more suitable for Flash developers, and for an ordinary user with basic computer skills, who wishes to create a Flash website with Moto CMS integrated, Flash CMS templates are a good choice.

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