This is a carefully launched model by Samsung, and we expect a lot from it, as does everyone who has waited for a year since they first heard of the NX10. The 14 MP sensor is larger than most micro four thirds system models. Let’s put it to the test

Digital Camera Review: Samsung NX10

1. Features – The 614k dot preview screen is not LCD, but the all-new AMOLED. The basic advantage is less power consumption. The electronic view finder on the NX 10 is also a pleasure to use, with a 921K display. The camera does not boast of in-built image stabilization, but many of the lenses for the NX10 have this feature. The drive mode allows you to shoot up to 10 jpg or 3 RAW files per second, before it slows down due to buffering. The NX10 has the ‘usual’ PSAM mode options, and in addition – Smart Auto, HD 720p Movie and more scene modes. ISO can be set from a low of 100ISO up to 3200. The Smart Range dynamic optimization further allows you to expose for shadows or highlights as per user preference.

2. Design – The NX10 has a very DSLR-like finish, much to the delight of DSLR users looking for a second camera. This could very well replace even a GX series Samsung SLR. If you are a DSLR user, you could still feel this camera is a little small but that only takes some getting used to. We wished it had a DSLR-like grip though. Again, the lenses can tend to make the camera seem front-heavy. So the body is larger than a compact and smaller than SLR. The layout of controls is a pleasure, and simple to use. A d-pad on the rear controls most operations.

3. Performance – When compared to a DSLR, the AF can seem sluggish, but it is on par with other competitor models. We loved the performance of the camera on manual mode, but on auto – the ISO and shutter speed combinations can result in slow shutter speeds leading to shake. The AMOLED screen really seeks to grab attention. The motion preview it provides is of impeccable quality, and it generally feels great to look at. We liked the auto sensor which turns on the EVF when you near the eye finder. The thoughtful addition of the diopter is in line with DSLRs, and those who wear spectacles would appreciate this. Although lenses currently available for the Samsung NX10 are few in number, the company promises to soon launch more. The camera doesn’t offer any in-camera editing tools, but we didn’t miss that one bit! The depth of filed preview on the front of the camera body was another pleasurable function on the NX10.

4. Image Quality – Exposures are accurate on the auto mode. Image noise becomes apparent over 800 ISO. When used under 800 ISO, the images of the NX10 were crisp and clear and there is little to complain about.

5. Verdict – We see this camera doing well and it can be a true professional system once we see more compatible lenses. This is a good buy!

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