Pentax has announced the release of an all new SLR – the Pentax K-r. This model is aimed at the amateur user, not the professional, and is light weight and compact. But it still does have an array of advanced capabilities packed into a user-friendly device.

Digital Camera Review: Pentax K-R

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1. Image Quality

The K-r promises to deliver high quality images with its 12 MP sensor working in tandem with Pentax’s PRIME II image processing chip. This image Primitive Stencils processing engine is supposed to deliver accurate and high speed processing capabilities reserved only for the high-end models until now.

2. Dual Power Design

Now why didn’t anyone think of this before? The Pentax K-r can be powered not only by the rechargeable Li-ion battery but also 2 standard, commonly available AA size batteries! Never again will be stuck in the outdoors without a power source when the camera’s Lithium-Ion dies on you!

3. Infra Red Image Transmission

The K-r allows you to transfer image to any IR device. Although this would not be a primary data transfer option (nothing is faster than a card reader), it allows you to share a few files when you are on the go, without having to lug around your card reader or data cable.

4. User-Friendly Design

We loved the user-friendly design of the K-r. All critical controls are located on the grip side of the camera body, allowing you to use the left hand for camera support alone. That’s how it was always meant to be!

5. Shake Reduction Mechanism

The Pentax K-r comes equipped with the SR, better know to Pentax users as the Shake Reduction feature. This feature minimizes chances of getting a camera-shake even in extremely trying lighting conditions calling for slow shutter speeds. This is compatible with the entire range of lenses offered by Pentax.

6. The Camera Body

The K-r uses a large 23.6mm x 15.8mm sensor. Keeping this in mind, Pentax has done exceptionally well to pack it (with a lot of other stuff) into a compact and light body which is robust at the same time.

7. Continuous Shooting Mode

This camera can shoot at 6 frames per second! That is definitely above expectations, keeping in mind this is an entry level DSLR – in fact no other entry level DSLR can match this. The K-r can also record up to 25 images in one sequence.

8. High Quality Auto Focus

The K-r uses an 11-point AF system for very accurate focusing. The spot beam helps the Auto Focus system to function effectively even in low light conditions.

9. Video Mode

The Pentax K-r can record high quality video files at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, at a good 25 frames per second.

10. The Viewfinder

Last but not the least, the viewfinder of the K-r is bright and clear. Pentax optics have been able to uncannily deliver this in all of the Pentax SLRs, right from the company’s first few film SLRs!

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