Panasonic brings to you everything that made the G1 a success, with HD movie recording thrown in – to give you the G2. A touch screen LCD, and the all-new G2 is truly a ‘new’ model on the market. We put it to the test and in this post we would like to share the review with Panasonic Lumix G2.

Digital Camera Review: Panasonic Lumix G2


The G2 uses the 12 MP MOS sensor already featured in the G1. However it promises better output with the new processor, the HD2. One of the hottest new features is the touch screen vari-angle LCD. The electronic viewfinder automatically turns itself on when you near the eye cup. The G2 offers 720p HD recording at an impressive 50 frames per second and this is again a feature absent in the G1. A standard 2.5 mm mic jack allows you to attach external microphones for improved audio recording. As for still images, the G2 is able to capture 3.2 frames per second until the memory gets filled when shooting jpeg. When shooting RAW, the burst mode allows for a maximum of 7 frames. The interchangeable lens options make the G2 a very versatile tool.


The G2 has a pleasing DSLR-styled design. The Intelligent Auto button is placed thoughtfully on top of the body. We liked the fact that you can switch to movie recording by hitting one button alone (no going through menus). You will find the buttons in tune with DSLR-like layouts, with quick menu options operating through the touch screen.


The G2 handles very much like the G1. No doubt you will take your time getting used to the touch screen functionality. The movie mode allows you to use the entire range of lenses available for the G2, and all through the zoom ranges. But, since it is not a dedicated video camera, you may find the AF to work a little slowly on the movie mode – but we can live with that! You could shoot still image using the movie aspect ration of 16:9, and this is great if you wish to include some still images into your video at a later post processing stage. The camera offers a variety of scene modes to experiment with. AF is great on the still mode – better than any other camera we have seen in this category. Image noise was found to be acceptable until ISO 1600, and quality understandable drops with each subsequent increment.


The G2 is more than just a G1 with a movie capability, although it may seem this way at first. Once you are used to the touch screen, it is a pleasure to use. The AF is better than any of the competitor models in this segment. Interchangeable lenses (growing in number as far as availability goes) make it a versatile camera. It is not the cheapest micro system model, priced at close to 600 Pounds. However, we believe it is truly worth the money. We endorse the G2, without doubt!

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