A follow up to the E-P1, the Olympus E-P2 promises to be a worthy successor. It is a very similar model, with a few enhancements nevertheless. This is a black body (only) model, having an accessory jack at the rear, and the most usable of these accessories is the electronic viewfinder, which you get as a part of the E-P2 kit in the box.

Digital Camera Review: Olympus E-P2


Apart from the manual mode and scene modes, the E-P2 offers an Intelligent Auto mode, where the camera selects the appropriate scene mode settings based on the subject and lighting conditions. It has the same micro four thirds lens fitting as the E-P1. The accessory port at the rear of the camera body allows you to add accessories such as the electronic viewfinder which comes with the camera body. No doubt Olympus plans to bring out a range of accessories for the E-P2 in the near future. The E-P2 boasts of in-camera Image Stabilization, something lacking in many competitor models.


The Olympus E-P2 is wonderfully designed, having an all-black body with a professional look. The camera lacks an in-built pop up flash, but we loved the fact that it does have a standard hot shoe, meaning you could use it for professional studio work. One drawback could be having to go through menus using the d-pad, most users upgrading from a compact wouldn’t mind this one bit although DSLR users looking for a stand by camera could find this a bit of a pain.


We loved the fact that Olympus includes an electronic viewfinder with the E-P2, brining a micro four thirds model that much closer to a DSLR. As for the LCD, although it may seem like a comparatively low 230k by today’s standards, we found it to deliver far better image quality than many models with higher resolution screens. AF was found to be a little sluggish and sometimes the E-P2 tries to focus on no-subject areas, which can get frustrating. The camera offers 720p HD movie capability, something that has become somewhat of a requirement from this genre of cameras. The E-P2 has the same lens fitting as Panasonic’s GF-1, which is a very similar camera. This could be a plus if you are looking to own both cameras for some reason!

Image Quality

The availability of the high key and low key exposure area settings makes the E-P2 a versatile tool as far as exposure goes. As for ISO, it offers sensitivity up to 6400. We liked the fact that the camera shoots in RAW mode, supported by Adobe Camera RAW software to get the most out of your RAW files.


The E-P2 is a stylishly designed camera, offering the best electronic view finder on the market as a part of the camera kit. It may seem a little sluggish with AF but that is the only department it may trouble you if at all. In-camera Image Stabilization is a welcome enhancement from the E-P1. We endorse the Olympus E-P2.

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