Creating a website isn’t as challenging as it used to be. Since online auxiliary tools stepped into the picture, they began to simplify the whole process so much, that an individual approach changed from what used to seem like ‘mission impossible’, to a very plausible idea. Do-it-yourself site making services are, to various degrees, engineered to overcome the biggest problem for non-technical-minded people – manual coding – as well as provide simplified and time-saving methods for anyone to set up an online presence.


Website-Builder is nothing short of impressive. This online design tool is perfectly suitable for designers who want nothing more to do with HTML coding or developers, as well as ‘normals’ who don’t engage in elite web design preoccupations. Only three easy steps are laid out before you in your endeavor to have a fantastic-looking website.


Phase one begins by signing up – no entrance fees required, and it takes no more than a minute to complete. The journey begins on the start page, by making an initial decision of designing a whole new layout and then fill it up with the proper content (ideal for pros who feel inspired enough) – or working with a template (really fast and less challenging). For the sake of simplicity, I am going to follow the red line of what happens when you go with the second alternative.


It’s not easy to choose a theme, because Website-Builder wields a really beautiful collection. However, the many-hued category list might help with that. Be sure to check out the popular layouts used by photographers, hotels, law firms, services etc. in creating their portfolio/business sites, not to mention those designed to look marvelous on mobile devices – they’re quite a sight for sore eyes. Go below your favorite template, and click ‘Edit’.


The charming in-browser editor hands you everything you could possibly need in order to make the best out of the design and content of your chosen template. Here, you may add and manage pages, drag-and-drop images and galleries, widgets and videos in specific areas, as well as add favicons and – naturally – customized text. Mind the ‘Support’ button on the left, and ask for help if that’s what you need – it will come swiftly. As a final touch, handle SEO and plug in your Google Analytics ID.

Now, you are ready to publish. Do so as a Website-Builder sub-domain (free of charge), or activate the new site on a separate domain. Moreover, it won’t cost you a dime to opt for web hosting here, as well.

Turn to, and you will be making easy work of creating divine websites.

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