My name is Damian Herrington and I am a Hull based web designer and developer specialising in user-focused unique designs with clean, semantically written code. I also design and develop for WordPress, Tumblr and the x-cart e-commerce system. Although I am not limited to just these technologies, they are the ones I work with most often.

Designer Interview: Damian Herrington

My services also extend to Branding and collateral design. Some of my recent projects can be found at as well as more information about my services and me.

How did you become a graphic designer?

Originally I wanted to be a programmer. I love creating something from nothing, and also I enjoy the pursuit of trial and error when something isn’t going to plan and the self-satisfaction you get from finding the solution. It was in my second year of university that the programming we were doing was going over my head, and I didn’t enjoy it anymore. I then became interested again in designing and developing websites.

What do you most enjoy about being a graphic designer?

The variety of projects I can work on and being really happy at the fact I get paid to do something I truly love. I also like the fact the industry is in constant evolution and shift so you’re always learning and bettering yourself.

What’s the most challenging part of a graphic designer job?

I think the most challenging parts of being a graphic designer are keeping designs original and unique whilst still having a user interface that the user can simply use and enjoy.

How do you keep your creative life when you’re working under pressure?

I try not to get in a situation where I am under pressure, I like to be very relaxed and have quite a casual approach to designing and developing projects for my clients, as I believe that’s when I can be most creative. If things do become a little hectic such as design issues, I will move on to something else completely un-related and let my sub-conscious mind come up with a solution or leave the project alone for a day or so and come back at it with a fresh perspective.

What skills are most important for a graphic designer?

The most important skill I believe for a graphic designer is a creative mind. Its fantastic to be able to be amazing in a chosen graphics package but if you can’t create something from nothing, or take the clients brief and design something that engages the user visually then your going to have problems.

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Name: Damian Herrington

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Designer Interview: Damian Herrington

Designer Interview: Damian Herrington

Designer Interview: Damian Herrington

Designer Interview: Damian Herrington

Designer Interview: Damian Herrington

Designer Interview: Damian Herrington

Designer Interview: Damian Herrington

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