Many sites on the Internet can automatically create an avatar for you. If you don’t already know, an avatar is simply a caricature which you can fine tune as much as you want to, and it never is a real picture at the end of the day. Just as you can chat or email, the very people who you communicate with will identity you with the avatar. It gives a vague idea of what you look like without really disclosing your true picture! So why all this talk about avatar when we should be discussing corporate identity and logo? Read on!

Corporate Identity vs Logo Design
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Your avatar as mentioned, is not a totally real representation of your own self. Now why do we not keep that in mind when we are thinking of setting up a business identity? Your corporate identity is a representation of who you are. It is a representation of what you are in the business world, not a representation of what your personal thoughts or beliefs are. You do need to create a logo for your company as well. Let us compare a corporate identity and a logo keeping in mind the difference between an avatar and a true image. While they are close together they are still not one and the same!

Corporate Identity

The corporate identity is a business image. It needs to project what the business is about, period. Everything that your company is a part of, every catalog and every visiting card needs to be in line with the idea of the identity that you have. When anyone outside of the company thinks of the company, he or she basically thinks of the identity that you have projected. Anything that you decide on for the future of your company from the most trivial to the most vital, needs to be in line with the corporate identity or conversely, define your corporate identity. As you can interpret from what we have said here, a corporate identity simply cannot be created in a day. It is a sum result of decision making over a period of time when people are taking notice of your organization.

So this is what a corporate identity is – a true reflection of your company values. Let us get to the logo now!

Your Logo

The logo is a sub set of your entire corporate identity. A good logo goes to ensure that your clients will visualize that logo when they hear of your company. The America Online (AOL) logo is a good example! BUT it is merely a part of the overall identity of the company, and not a totality by its own self. The purpose of a logo is to visually convey the ideas beyond your corporate identity, maybe even on a subconscious level.

Now you see the connection between an avatar and a logo! It is good to know the difference between a corporate identity and a logo, especially if you are just setting up your business, or re-inventing it!

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