The idea of continual integration is wild yet plausible. It seems to be the newer method of handling a website where certain changes are pushed live rather than overhauling an entire system at once.

CircleCI is meant to provide the means and structure to do this. Rather than relying on FTP or a manual shell-based method, CircleCI will deliver all updates automatically. In this dev community this is often referred to as “continuous deployment”

Here’s a snippet taken from the CircleCI website:

We believe that rapid iteration, tight feedback loops, and team communication are the keys to a great product workflow. That’s why we designed the world’s leading continuous integration and delivery solution. Continuous integration and delivery is revolutionizing the way development teams operate by reducing barriers between your ideas and your production code. Remember, it doesn’t count until it ships.

There’s also good news for open source devs because CircleCI offers seamless integration with GitHub. This allows you to push changes live and up to the repo with ease.

CircleCI image

You’ll also be given a clean admin dashboard, SSH access, and many other great features.

Devs who might be curious about continuous deployment should check out the CircleCI homepage. You can also follow along with the company’s Twitter profile @circleci.

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