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Becoming a freelancer is no doubt the dream of many designers who have become tired or disenchanted with their cubicle lifestyle. This is understandable. Freelancers get to choose work that interests them most, or that they feel better at doing. Freelancers can enjoy flexible schedules. They can work with those they prefer to work with,…

Good editing skills are important when working with photo content. While most web designers do not have a professional photographer’s skillset, having a basic knowledge of photography and photo editing are usually sufficient to fully support the visual portion of web content. Contrast, Saturation, Temperature – These three characteristics play important roles in determining a…

A’ Design Award is the World’s most prestigious international design competition. The A’ Design Competitions are organized in numerous creative fields to feature the greatest design works from all countries in all disciplines. Entries to the A’ Design Awards are blind peer reviewed by an expert jury panel of leading academics, prominent press members and…

  1. Many of us have an inclination for organizing conferences and all sort of events, which in many cases are accessible to the public just by buying a ticket. Good news, these tickets can be easily sold on your website and delivered to your buyers digitally, by using the Tickera plugin. It helps…

How would it feel to make your work 10 times easier? Well now it’s possible using the following efficient and clean-cut web design resources. 1. The Ultimatum WordPress theme builder is one of the few tools to help you create your own themes, export them, and even create on demand templates for your customers….

If you’re on the lookout for great deals for your work as a designer or for your website, then you’re sure to have already found your fair share of places. Unfortunately, some of the places you’ve found don’t always offer you tools and resources that you need or want. This is why we’ve set out to look for some sweet deals ourselves and decided to share our findings with you.

Mighty Deals


Are you wondering what is going to happen with the web design industry this year? You’re not the only one who is. I will go out on a limb here and assume that the trend of using large image or video backgrounds on websites will stick around for a while, and generate some clever new ways to optimize images for fast loading, or responsive re-sizing.

Even further, I believe that WP themes are getting stronger than ever, as they work to provide web designers with more and more resources. Think about type kits. Didn’t fancy typefaces and fonts use to go hand in hand with big budgets? Well, time has opened doors for the average WordPress user. Right now, every self-respecting theme comes with type kits, and some of them even include multiple weights and styles.


What the Wind of Change May Bring

The truth is that no one knows for sure what waits just around the corner. However, we can speculate about possible events by drawing on past experiences. Do you remember when it was unthinkable to set about creating websites without developers? Or, when coming up with a responsive website felt like taking the first steps on the moon?

Fast-forward to the present and look around. We have platforms and themes that consider responsiveness a God-given commandment, and generate W3C-validated code for your designs. We live in the Golden Age of web design, with brilliant shortcodes and a designer-friendly front office.

X Theme: a Great Ally


Nowadays, creating your own website is no longer a hassle thanks to the variety of website builders that allow you to take care of your current projects and not spend time on coding. What’s the best way for small design businesses to get started with their sites? Here’s a list of three website builders that…

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