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Google’s newest Lollipop operating system has spurred material design into the limelight, along with so many other great features. Android has grown into a serious competitor in the mobile smartphone operating system marketplace. Both features and design styles have exceeded most people’s expectations – and it appears Google is far from slowing down.

If you’re interested to start designing Android applications it will first help to study what others have created. Take a look over these design examples featuring Android app interfaces. All newer mobile apps follow along with the material design specification which makes crafting an interface 10x easier than ever before. And with these examples by your side the design process should be even easier.


beatport android app dark ui iphone

Both Android and iOS have seen incredible changes over the past couple years. iOS 8 advances the flat design scheme from iOS 7 while Google has been working on its own concept of Material Design. Both interface styles have evolved rapidly and lead to a series of new techniques for mobile app design.

This gallery includes a handful of brilliant settings page interfaces for mobile designers. Both Android and iOS applications are featured in the gallery including some older styles like iOS 6. You’ll find a hodgepodge of ideas from profile settings to notifications and account details. Most applications will require a settings page and this gallery is perfect for generating new ideas.

Bookmarking App

clean android settings menu bookmarking app

With the growing marketplace of mobile applications, it seems there isn’t too much room for new ideas. But with enough creativity and planning you may even surprise yourself. The early stages require that you have something intrinsic – some naturally-attractive idea. From there you can mockup various interfaces and test the waters to see how users would enjoy the experience.

white iphone ios7 messages chat app

In this article I want to share some ideas for the early planning stages of app development. Before even writing any code you should have a road map to follow. This provides a blueprint so during development you can focus solely on the programming.

I have been reading some articles and thinking recently on the popularity of iOS applications. Most smartphone or tablet users can agree that iOS has built a very stable backbone for the future. Mobile software developers are constantly working harder and harder to churn out good products. But at what cost is this affecting the App Store as a whole?

featured image source apple store icon design

While more people get into the market by releasing apps for free, or just undercutting competitors, there is a growing distance to capture large bases of customers. Many people are still happy to pay for apps but often under $5.00. Lots of fullscreen iPad apps or games will charge more, but how many of these applications are truly catching attention or dramatically improving our world?

Having developed smaller projects using Objective-C/iOS I learned there are many benefits and drawbacks to native applications. HTML5 mobile web apps provide a quicker all-around experience for any mobile device – and even regular desktop monitors. This means you don’t need approval from a marketplace or app store and you can publish online right away.

featured smartphone ui screenshot android

There are certainly some drawbacks, namely that you can’t access default libraries found in the Android/iOS SDKs. But if your application can work better running on a website then you should consider the possibilities. In this article I hope to present tips for new designers who may wish to attempt building their own HTML/CSS/JS web application from scratch.

Posts covering WordPress themes have become very popular. Our post on the 30 Best Wordpress Themes from ThemeForest was a big hit. Recently we also covered The 10 Best Selling Themes of All-Time on Themeforest. Those posts are great but mobile has taken over. Sites that don’t address the influx of mobile traffic are going to lose traffic. Today we have compiled some of the top mobile wordpress themes available. Hope you find something to improve your mobile experience!

Simple Mobile WordPress Theme

It seems like everybody is adopting into the smartphone era of communications. It’s so much easier working within apps for your contacts list and text messages. Plus the mobile web for Android and iOS offer a simply beautiful experience. It’s for this exact reason that I recommend all web designers get in touch with creating…

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