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29 Examples of Print Identity & Branding for Startups

When launching your own startup there is a lot more hussle required as compared with any typical business. Print work...

/ November 25, 2012

Are There Too Many Designers?

Everywhere online that you go these days, it seems that you bump into yet another freelance designer. You've probably had...

/ November 18, 2012

Get 450 High Quality Textures!

Recently, (the parent company of this blog) acquired all the intellectual property rights to As part of this...

/ October 25, 2012

31 Super Clean Websites For Inspiration

In this post we have put together some clean web designs for your inspiration. Enjoy! If you like this post...

/ October 11, 2012

User Interface Techniques for Creating Successful Digital Products

Designing a compatible user interface is no easy task. It requires a lot of study and understanding exactly what users...

/ October 1, 2012

38 Creative Sketches For Inspiration

In this post we have collected 38 creative & beautiful sketches for inspiration. Enjoy! If you like these sketches you...

/ September 21, 2012

20 Free Icon Sets From Dribbble

In this roundup we have collected some high quality and useful icon sets. Enjoy!! If you like these icons you...

/ September 6, 2012

34 Single Page Portfolio Websites

In this post we have collected some beautiful single page web designs for your inspiration. Enjoy! If you like these...

/ August 27, 2012

33 Brilliant IPB Forum Design Templates

I previously managed a showcase gallery of creative vBulletin forum themes. This got a lot of attention from upcoming forums...

/ August 14, 2012

40 Splatter Effects in Photoshop

In this post we are featuring 40 splatter effects in Photoshop. Enjoy! 1. Women

/ July 18, 2012

Interface Trends for Designing a Social Network

Since the initial launch of Friendster in 2002 we have seen dozens of new social networks cropping up everywhere. There...

/ June 25, 2012

33 Inspiring Website Contact Form Designs

Some visitors landing on your webpage are going to want to share their mind. This can mean suggestions, critiques, comments,...

/ June 18, 2012