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40 Beautiful Package Designs

Packaging design for products is very important because of the first impression you give your customers. In this collection we’ve...

/ August 1, 2011

Showcase of Black and White Web Design

Black and white are the most powerful and common colors used in web design. So in this roundup we have...

/ July 10, 2011

O-I Launches First-Ever Global Campaign to Champion Glass

The world’s largest glass container manufacturer, OI has launched their new ‘Glass Is Life’ campaign, highlighting the design advantages of...

/ June 27, 2011

42 Geeky Tech-Themed Apple Desktop Wallpapers

Apple has built a cult of personality behind their destiny-bound branding. The Mac has grown into a booming business for...

/ June 5, 2011

15 Creative and Beautiful Advertisements

As we’ve showed you in previous posts, advertisements can be a beautiful and effect tool.  In today’s post we will...

/ March 29, 2011

50 Examples of 3D Typography

Here are some examples of 3D typography to start your week off right. Enjoy!! Happy New Year 2011

/ March 20, 2011

40 Websites Utilizing Texture

In this post we are featuring 40 beautiful examples of web design texture. We strive to inspire you to use...

/ March 4, 2011

7 Tips to Design a Good Effective Poster

Where graphic design is concerned, poster design could well be the most sought after project. A poster is a simple...

/ December 4, 2010

52 Creative Church Marketing Designs For Your Inspiration

Church Marketing is a controversial subject. Some Christians believe that they do not need to market or promote the church,...

/ November 11, 2010

World’s Largest Miniature Train Set

In Hamburg Germany we can find Miniature Wonderland which is one of the largest model railway in the world. The...

/ October 15, 2010

Amazingly Unbelievable Pixel Art of eBoy

This time we’ll be looking at some absolutely amazing example of pixel art: the work of eBoy from Berlin, which...

/ September 8, 2010

38 Pop Art Minimalist Style Film Poster Designs

This time we will be trying to see some sources of influence and inspiration for minimalist graphics. As we all...

/ September 7, 2010