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An ‘About’ page is one of the most important components of your blog or website. Whether you are running a corporate website to establish your identity on the internet, an online portfolio to impress your clients, or a simple tumblog to share random stuff that amuses you, the importance of an ‘About’ page can never…

Depending on the type of content you write there can be such a variety of images to include in your work. Graphics help to separate the large blocks of text and bring contextual ideas to your words. Many people are visual learners so it helps to show and explain at the same time.

In this post I want to share my thoughts on picking the best graphics for your content. These could be statistical graphs, diagrams, vector illustrations, stock photos, or any number of similar pics. It all revolves around context and what would be appropriate to show at any certain point within the article.

The tech industry has grown over the past few years thanks to the Internet. Now companies can setup eCommerce websites that showcase their products and market their brand in just a single day. Setting up your own tech site online poses its own set of unique challenges, especially when it comes to design. There are a few things you can do to influence the success of your eCommerce store though, making you stand out in the highly competitive tech industry.

Simple Navigation
Even though your tech customers might be savvy when it comes to the Internet, no one has the patience to navigate a difficult site. The first concern of all online shoppers — regardless of industry — is how quickly they can buy a product and get back to their lives. It’s imperative that the navigation on your site be simple and effective. Customers should be able to go from page-to-page, search for products, and locate the checkout feature easily. Navigation is automatically integrated into the website template you select, so review that template, and see how the navigation operates before you add it to your site.

Effective Design That Doesn’t Overpower
The purpose of your tech eCommerce site is to sell your products. You need a template that showcases those products effectively, but also doesn’t overpower them. You don’t need an extravagant design, especially in the tech industry. Clean lines, simple layouts, and neutral colors are best for tech products. If you find that your products are competing for attention alongside your website template, it might be time to upgrade to a different version.

Content-based websites are often built around a single focal point or theme. Topics can range from media, technology, fashion, education, finance, among many others. But a significant portion of traffic to these websites will often come in from search engines. Organic search traffic is the best method for pulling visitors who have an interest in your website because they find your pages after searching for some combination of keywords.

If you can present information which helps users when searching in Google, you will rank for a number of related keywords and continually drive traffic without needing to do extra work. I want to share a few tools which can help when analyzing your related keywords and see how visitors are finding your website. Many of these tools are well-known by webmasters but it is worth putting together these links for those who are unfamiliar with keyword research.

After first launching a new blog or website the next step would be to generate content. There are a number of ways to do this, either blog posts or internal pages or a mix between the two. This can be referred to as your “content strategy” for building up valuable information within a new project launch.

featured image typing writing content webcopy online

I want to share a few tips and ideas for creating high-quality website content. Also consider the other various pieces to content generation like scheduling, marketing, and SEO. To launch a product online and garner some success you will need to learn the best formulas for creating likable content.

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