Canon has recently announced the launch of its latest from the PowerShot series – the SX30IS. Read on to get to know more about this model.

Canon Launches The PowerShot SX30IS SuperZoom

1. A Great Lens

The SX30 comes equipped with an impressive 35X optical zoom! That would be an equivalent of a 24mm to 840mm on a 35mm format, so you can imagine the kind of possibilities this can offer. Never again will you need to use a lens adapter to shoot wildlife! Canon claims to have used the same care, perfection and manufacturing processes for this lens as it does for the acclaimed EF series professional lenses.

2. Image Stabilization

Imagine shooting a moving subject hand-held. Now imagine you are zooming in as the subject moves away from you. Beyond a point, you would have crossed the thresholds of hand-held camera stability and would suddenly feel the need for a tripod beyond say 200mm. Luckily; Canon has thoughtfully provided a superb Image Stabilization capability with the PoweShot SX30IS. It’s lens-shift technology makes sure you avoid blur even with slow shutter speeds, and long focal lengths. The IS system is this camera is the most effective that Canon has ever put into a compact, offering a compensation factor of 4.5 stops. Now that’s impressive for a compact! By the way, the Image Stabilization works on video mode as well.

3. Zoom Frame Assist

This is a very useful and thoughtfully designed intelligent feature of the SX30. The zoom frame assist function helps the photographer ‘search’ for the subject within the viewfinder when shooting tele. We all know how exasperating it can get to ‘lose’ your subject from the viewfinder at 800mm! Well, with the SX30 in hand, all you need to do is to hold down the ‘zoom frame assist’ button. When you press this button, the camera zooms out to one of three of the previously used zoom settings of a lower focal length. This helps you get more of an angle of view in the finder of course. Once you have centered the subject, simply release the button to continue shooting at your selected focal length.


Shoot high quality 720p movies with the Powershot SX30IS. The video mode offers full optical zoom, stereo sound and also a special dynamic Image Stabilization capability designed keeping video in mind. Further, the Smart Auto video mode auto-selects camera settings from 21 options, based on the available ambient light, focal length and such variables. The smart auto mode works with the still mode as well (28 options to choose from there).


The SX30 is designed for versatile use, be it the extreme zoom capabilities or other thoughtful features such as the option to use both SDHC and SDXC memory. The Eye-fi function allows you to remotely upload images to the Canon iIMAGE gateway, where you can store upto 2GB of data, which we believe is adequate for temporary storage. The convenient in-camera tagging option allows you to quickly and easily find those special images on the database at a later time.

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