Canon has announced the release of its latest from the highly successful Powershot range – the G12. This model promises flexibility and versatility, with ultimate control for the creative photographer. So lets take a look at some of the features of this new camera.

Canon Brand New Compact PowerShot G12
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1. The HS System

The G12 is the first model from the G series to feature the HS capability, meaning it makes use of a high quality 10 MP sensor working together with the much talked about DIGIC 4 processor chip. This results in high quality images even at high ISO levels. The high ISO capabilities allow you to shoot even in low light without a flash, and any creative photographer would value this feature. It also means you can capture sports and action images like never before, minimizing chances of a blur in the photograph. This camera can be tuned to use an ISO level as high as ISO 12800! And, all this at over 4 frames per second, and you know what we are talking about.

2. Canon Optics with Image Stabilization

The G12 houses a 28mm wide angle lens, and it offers 5x optical zoom. Canon is widely respected for the quality of its lenses, and the company promises to have used the EF quality standards to manufacture the lens on the Powershot G12. The Image Stabilization helps you shoot at very slow shutter speeds without camera shake, in fact up to four times slower than what would normally cause a ‘shake’. This of course varies with the skill of the user.

3. The Controls

The Powershot G12 offers full manual controls to the creative user, and also a range of semi-automatic modes. It also has an all-new front control dial, which the user can choose as the primary method to alter controls. The rear dial remains in line with conventional design. The front dial can be programmed to change whatever it is you feel may require constant change, be it the aperture or the shutter speed or the ISO. If you are an advanced user who likes absolute control over image quality, you will be pleased to hear that the G12 does offer the RAW file format.

4. The Hot-shoe

How pleasing it is to hear of a semi-pro model with a hot-shoe! The hot-shoe is a feature that was sadly forgotten by most camera-makers in many otherwise ‘perfect’ models. Although a simple and old-fashioned feature, the presence of the hot-shoe gives the budding photographer the opportunity to use external flashes, even studio lights. How else is an amateur to learn lighting systems? This makes professional studio photography a possibility with the G12.

5. Other Features

The Canon Powershot G12 also boasts of a vari-angle LCD, multi-aspect ratio facilities, HD movies with stereo sound, complete control over dynamic range, AF tracking and also wireless image transfer to Canon’s dedicated site, to mention only a few more features. The G12 is definitely a promising model.

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