Following the success of the NX10, Samsung has announced the launch of its all new mirror-less interchangeable lens compact, the NX100. It shows promising signs of dominating the mirror-less category. Let’s take a brief look at some of its key features.

Camera Review: Samsung NX100
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The i-Function Lens

This feature allows the user to control camera functions from the lens! If you are a film user until now, what more could you ask for, in terms of ease of shifting over to a well-designed digital camera? Samsung promises a wide range of lenses for the NX100. It will be launched with a 20-50 mm kit lens, with a 20mm prime lens soon to be released. Samsung promises two more launches in the first half of 2011 – a 60mm Macro and an 18-200 zoom. The company further promises three more lenses to be released for the NX100, in the later half of 2011.


The design is a definite improvement on the NX10, which wasn’t bad to start with in any case. The NX100 is slim and sleek to say the least. The camera’s shutter release button and body are very thoughtfully designed to blend into a very modern shape. Its light weight ensures maximum portability. This is definitely a camera for those who travel a lot, and love to travel light! Not only is this camera an artist’s tool, it is also very much capable of being a style statement all on its own.

Smart Filters

The NX100 offers seven filter effects to the user in play-back mode. These include vignetting, fish-eye, miniature effect and also a diffuser, among others.


Offering a high ISO of 6400, the NX100 can help you capture action photos and low-light images without having to use the flash.


The NX100 promises to provide one of the fastest auto focus mechanisms in the industry. For anyone who shoots moving subjects such as models walking a ramp, this feature alone would be enough to capture their attention.


Apart from the promise of a versatile range of lenses for the NX100, Samsung also plans on releasing an electronic view finder, a dedicated flash unit and even a GPS system to help record your geographic location!

Lens Priority Mode

This mode quickly helps a beginner understand what lens is best suited to shooting a particular subject. Or rather, it does so by displaying appropriate icons depending on the lens that is fitted. For example, put in a wide angle and the camera will display a landscape icon! The NX100 also automatically optimizes its settings based on the lens that is fitted in at any given time. Now that’s what we call a smart camera!

Movie Recording

Record movies in High Definition, at 720p, with the NX100. And what’s more, you can also associate a sound file with a still image, something we have yet to see any other camera do. Is this the beginning of dedicated multimedia cameras?

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