The dynamic features of a typical pie chart plugin are often truly appreciated by developers. It takes far too much effort to create these from scratch & thankfully new libraries have appeared that offer this functionality.

Cake Chart is a new open source script released on GitHub. It offers dynamic pie chart creation with hoverable tooltips and labels.

The entire chart is dynamic and runs on top of the typical DOM layer. Check out the full live demo to see it in action.

All info can be generated right in HTML/JS or loaded externally from a JSON file.

Cake Chart is truly dynamic and extensible based on your needs. Plus it’s fully open source which means you can edit or transcribe to your whim as desired.

If you’re building with Cake Chart and have a request visit the issues tab and open a new ticket. You can also contact the creator Alexander Kuznetsov on Twitter @c0cl3nn0nk37.

Cake Chart preview

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

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